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      The ploy of placing items on my (and the wife’s) e-bay watch list actually worked! 😮 Unwrapped a Niterider MiNewt 250 cordless. 😃 Was getting the biked ready for a ride when the rain came 😢

      Hopefully will get a ride in the week.

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      I received a Niner Air9 frame for Christmas. I will eventually swap out the parts on my current 29er on to the Niner frame. I might upgrade a couple things once I do the swap.

      I also received a GoPro sports camera. 83stumpjumper and I tested it out at Rosearyville State Park on the 24th of December. After some editing I think it turned out okay. Of course this is my first mountain bike video so I really don’t have much to go off of. I just used Windows Movie Maker.

      Hope everyone has a a good New Year!


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      I got a red, Sugoi mtb jersey; new, cold-weather shoe covers; merino wool gloves; a FinishLine Grunge brush; and a $50 gift card to my LBS. Plus, I may get a couple more bicycle-related goodies when we exchange gifts with the in-laws in a couple of days!

      I also got to go ride in the afternoon. Temps were in the fifties and the trails were great!

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      Finally got myself another bike – HiFi Deluxe. I’m itching to get out on it – but travel plans for the holidays and now the weather has got in the way. Hopefully I’ll get a ride in on Tuesday before we fly down to visit family in WV on Wednesday. An even greater gift this holiday is the fact that my wife is no interested in getting a bike – so my gift to her will be a Wahoo (she won’t be getting it yet as she won’t ride in the freezing winter, but come spring time we’ll be blazing trails together)

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      I got myself a squishy fork finally. Manitou Tower Pro. 80mm.

      Already took the stickers off. Looks MUCH better naked.


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      I got a Park work stand and a nice work bench for my man cave/bike room.

      Also got MORE snow which has been putting a hold on any rides for the past couple weeks 😢
      Might be able to get a ride in this weekend since it’s expected to be in the 50s.

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      Too blizzardy to think about riding..
      I did get an Alien II multitool and a Camelbak Mule. Already had a smaller camel back- but will love the larger bladder and extra storage for longer rides.

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      Best Christmas Ever!

      Finally broke down and got myself a replacement fork for my old hardtail–a beautiful Magura Durin–Stiff, Plush and only 3.15lbs!

      Family pitched in and got me a couple Amoeba lights (one for the handlebar and one for the helmet). Did my first ever night ride Christmas night–Waaaaaay cool–can’t believe I took so long to take up night riding!

      On top of it all, we’ve been blessed with perfect weather–the Colorado Rockies are having an epic snow year, so every day we make it to the mountains is a powder day. At the same time, the foothills have been mostly dry, so the trails around the house have remained clear. Truly the best of both worlds!

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      Clearly you’re not in Fairfax VA anymore…

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      Indeed. I have changed my profile to Colorado Springs but for some reason it doesn’t show up in my posts. It’s great to be back home!

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      "skibum" wrote

      Finally broke down and got myself a replacement fork for my old hardtail–a beautiful Magura Durin–Stiff, Plush and only 3.15lbs!

      That’s pretty light. My Manitou weighed in at 3.76lbs ready to install. Crown race, star nut, and steerer cut to length. It’s a 29er fork, so obviously it’ll weigh a bit more…

      It’s 2.04lbs heavier than my rigid fork – that’s nearly a 10% increase in total bike weight! 😮

      The Manitou didn’t feel heavy…till I dropped the rigid carbon fork out of the frame. That thing is almost weightless at 1.72lbs. I remember when I bought it the box was heavier than the fork LOL.

      The squish will be nice when I head to the mtns though.

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      😃 😃 Christmas came early when my accountant 😉 said i could get a new bike in November. A Fuel EX8 is now sitting in the garage and has blessed the trails at Wakefield Park on numerous occassions. I even convinced my teenage daughter to put down her makeup and come with me over christmas! Happy days…..

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      Knowing that cash was going to given from my relatives, I picked up Rock Shox Recon forks early and was able to use them on a few rides before Christmas. Gonna run them some more tormorrow!! 😃

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      I got a wrench force work stand, stans, and some Avid Elixir 5’s. And some cash.

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      I made out pretty good this year. My girlfriend got me a nightrider 250 cordless, a GoPro HD with all accessory, a new double wall front wheel "needed that after I hit a tree and taco’ed my old one" and all new cables. Today I’m taking my sister out to pick up her new Trek lexa road bike. That’s her christmas present

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      Giftwise, I got new tires for my car, which is a great biking gift because I end up driving all over tarnation because there aren’t any good trails in my town.

      I also got a Kindle, which is great because I endo’d on my ride yesterday, and ended up with either a cracked or bruised rib. 2+ weeks of reading/movie watching for this character. I may have to plan a trip for myself for when I’m healed up.

      At least I got 3 great rides in at San Felasco, and 1 great ride (thanks motrin, for helping me finish up) at Santos. It’s too bad the Santos ride starts of 2011 with forced down time.

      Happy New Year, everyone. This one goes to eleven.

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      I’m kinda in snow mode right now.

      I got a new chamois and a neoprene head band/ear warmer from Novara.
      With cash I got I some fox shorts off of chainlove for cheap.

      I just got a deal that I might take up for a new Countour HD camera. Hopefully a new addition for the future.

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      I woke up on Christmas morning sick. I’d planned to ride all week long (I was on vacation this past week), but instead I sat around the house blowing snot bombs and wishing I was dead. 😢

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      For Christmas I got the family (wife, 2 daughters and a son) to go bike/packing with me at Caprock Canyons trailway. Not exactly singletrack but still a blast! Traveled over 15 miles up a 7% grade pulling camping gear and freezing for two nights. Fun and memories

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      Bag for my repair stand, pump, couple patch kits, and gloves.

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      Happy new year ladies and gentlemen.

      i manage to fit in some XC before having to cook Christmas dinner (logic being i get a decent portion and food i like). My chain was slipping for the first time in nearly two years so i thought i should replace that. Trail was fine other than the shear amount of walkers with dogs running wild.

      For Christmas i got a 661 Evo full face helmet, being toying with it for a while then the picture in the latest issue of Mountain Biking UK decided for me.

      Problem being it has been difficult resisting all the sale on wiggle and chain reaction cycles.

      Plan for January is swinley forest in Bracknell,



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      I got a set of ITS System 4 tires from singletracks.com and a PS3 and some random bike tools. Also a singletracks t-shirt. Wooo!

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      I got a set of brakes for my back-up bike and some bike cleaning supplies. I also got some items for the trail…multi-tool and camelback etc. Also got some cash to fund this addicting and expensive hobby…oh that reminds me, time to finally buy those Mavic wheel in my cart…

      Good luck to all the riders this coming year…always pack toilet paper…!

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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      Why in the world would you need that….😆

      That is a priority… 😉

      I have been up that creek before…and came out sleeveless. 😆

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      I got a pair of socks, New Belgium socks and a New Belgium bell for my New Belgium Cruiser that I won this summer 😃


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