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      As the title says, I ask this because I am looking at trying a few different pedals like crank brothers.  I currently use Shimano SPD pedals with the mutli-direction release cleats.  Thus far I love these cleats, but am always on the look out for something better.  I like having the ability to lower the spring tension in the Shimano ones, as well as being able to get out of sticky situations by pulling my foot up off the pedal real fast.

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      Hi Brian, since you like the Shimano pedals I say stick with those. Crankbrothers pedals look cool and are lightweight but you can’t adjust the tension on them like SPDs. Time makes pedals that are adjustable but not a lot of people run them so it can be a hassle when you want to borrow or demo a bike.

      I’ve been using Crankbrothers for several years, though I think eventually I’ll go back to SPD just because it’s more commonly used.

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      I rock the Crank Brothers mallet 1. They are great for me but they are the only clip less pedals I’ve ever used. Reach out to you LBS and they might let you demo a set.

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      I like the Crank Brother Candy pedals. They seem to be durable and lightweight.  I have tried Shimano’s as well and prefer Crank bro Candy.

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