What budget full-sus Mountainbike would you recommend ?

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    Just a couple of short years ago, it seemed that a decent budget full-sus Mountainbike listed for $3000 or more.  But more recently, some incredible values can be had for closer to $2000.  Aluminum frames with quality spec seems to be a thing!  If you know of a budget bike that has all the latest updates with better than expected spec,  please share it with us.  What budget full-sus Mountainbike would you recommend?

    Here are a couple I like.


    2020 YT Jeffsy Base 29   $2300   150mm rear travel

    Pro’s: Eagle SX 1×12 drivetrain,  Modern progessive geometry,  Rock Shox front and rear,  Amazing value for what you get.

    Con’s:  Might not have frame clearance for 29×2.6 rear tire.  Direct sales—must assemble the bike yourself.


    2020 Trek Fuel EX 5   $2100   130mm rear travel

    Pro’s:  Modern progressive Geometry,  Rock Shox front and rear,  29×2.6 tires,  Can be bought at your LBS and comes assembled.

    Con’s:  1×10 drivetrain lacks range.  Would have been better with Eagle SX.  However, Stock 11-42 cassette could be replaced with a Sunrace 1×10 11-46 cassette for better range.




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    I personally prefer, Trek, Specialized and Kona bikes. They just fit me good. This time of year you can look for used bikes or last years model to save some $$. Anyway you go, stay with a well established name brand. Don’t get too cost conscience and try out a lower end or big box box bike. After all, spending a few hundred more dollars on a bike that will most likely last years longer than an economy bike is well worth the investment.

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    I’ll stick with my RSD Wildcat, thank you!

    The 2020 Wildcat is available in two build kits and either 27.5+ or 29 and $2200-3300. Sliding dropout is standard.


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    You must consider the Marin Rift Zone (29) and Hawk Hill (27.5).


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