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      Had a few beers last night and made a hasty purchase on Ebay. Famous last words, I know…

      Wondering if some of you experienced folks know what brand/model these wheels are in the photos. The listing said the bike had been “upgraded” to Hollowgram wheels, but then I found that the Hollowgram wheels came stock on the F-Si Carbon 2, so not actually an upgrade at all. Then after seeing the Hollowgram wheels, I noticed the wheels on this bike are not Hollowgram (at least they don’t appear to be), but can’t seem to find the wheels pictured and all I have to go off of is the underlined “A” logo, if it’s even a real logo and not just a random set of stickers slapped on alloy wheels (cries).

      Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve contacted the seller but am now not sure if I can trust them.

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      Probably cheap Chinese rims. Real Hollowgram rims say Hollowgram (all versions do). They may well be carbon, but trust them at your own peril.

      [Edit: Bike looks pretty trick tho!]

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