what are you using for grips?

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      I need to get new grips to replace the ones that came with my bike a couple years ago and haven’t done this before. I’ve read some of the articles and reviews here, which have been helpful. Now I’m curious as to what y’all are using, what you’ve tried that you liked or didn’t like, and why.

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      Checkout RevGrips.

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      If you aren’t using clamp on grips, I think they make a huge difference. I use ODI Rouges.

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      I prefer ODI or Ergon with or without gloves

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      I have a strong preference for single sided grips (i.e. no bar cap).  Love the ODI AG2 grips.

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        Interesting, re: no bar cap…

        Why is that? are there pros and cons to both or is it just a personal preference you have?

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        @charding   I ride a lot of tight singletrack.  Sometimes the width between trees on either side of the trail is no longer than the length of my bar which is average length.  If you don’t maneuver the bike at the right angle you will clip a tree.  (I’ve also had this happen on trails that were not so tight if I took a turn – usually at speed – either too wide or too tight).  Inevitably my caps either get damaged or come off.  You eliminate this as a potential problem with single sided grips.

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      Thanks for all the responses. The grips that came with the bike are clamp on. I had been leaning towards the ODI Rogue and looked at all the ones people here have suggested. I’m still leaning towards the Rogue, because they look pretty chunky and I’d like something more shock-absorbing than what I’ve been using the past two years, which look very similar to the other grips suggested.

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      Shock-absorbing, comfortable, tacky enough not to have your hand slip, soft but will last a few seasons of rough riding, and basically the best grips. Ever. And no, I don’t own the company.

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        Shock-absorbing, comfortable, tacky enough not to have your hand slip, soft but will last a few seasons of rough riding, and basically the best grips. Ever. And no, I don’t own the company.


        Gonna check it out. I really need something that lessens the vibration and shock on the hands.

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      ESI extra chunky.

      I tore up my hands on stock Santa Cruz grips and made the switch to the ESI grips.  Suuuuuuper  comfy and pure awesomeness.  I never put too much stock in clamp ons.  Nice to install but I’m not changing that often.  Find the best ones for you regardless of how they install.

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      ODI, tan vans waffle pattern. Just like the shoes they offer tons of grip and are super comfy.

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      Loaded Precision AMXC NoSlip Pistol Grips.  Feel great right out of the box and remain tacky for 1000s of miles.  I’ve had the same pair for three years now — most in all mountain conditions.  They are getting worn now, but still have the same excellent grip. I have never felt my hand slip and comfort has been great.  Plus, they look awesome.  I may try the ODI Rogue next because they are a little wider, but not for any lack of the Pistols. I just thought I should try something different to learn and the ODI’s get such high reviews.

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      Ergon GA2 seems to be the sweet spot for me.


      Plenty of grip, some extra cushion and a contoured shape that feels comfortable.


      I’ve also had luck with Race Face Half Nelson grips. Tons of grip but not as cushy or as contoured as the GA2.

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      Renthal ultra tacky push-on. Currently wired on, but I’ll probably glue the next pair. Super grippy, pretty comfortable. Way cheaper and comfier than lock-ons.

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      I didn’t start this topic but I appreciate the feedback everyone has put in. Thanks. The options of grips are overwhelming. Checked out the ones shared here and now have the ones I want picked out (Loaded Precision AMXC NoSlip Pistol Grips). I appreciate all I learn from the community here. Keep posting topics and questions and answers.

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      Asking for opinions on any contact point (grip, saddle, pedal, etc) is right up there with opinions on underwear. I might love my rip away mankinis, but you may be more of a boxer brief type (boring). It will take you many years and many callouses to figure out what grips (g-strings?) are most comfortable, durable, grippy or whatever you are most concerned with. FWIW (not much) I have been thoroughly pleased with DMR Death Grips (thick) over the last several years.

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      just decided to go with bar tape… I know, I’ve got “roady” habits.

      bar setup with middle-mounted bar ends

      The bar tape seems to me to be a good way to double-wrap over the position of the normal grips, wrap over the brake lever clamps, wrap all the way to the stem for a comfortable climbing position (similar to riding on the tops of a drop bar bike), and wrap my middle-mounted bar-ends (or bar-middles in this case).

      And critically, bar tape is cheap, especially the foamy type, which I prefer.

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      What I use is ODI and it’s my first brand that I tried and fell in love with it so ever since I started biking that’s what I use. I like it since it’s comfy.

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