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      I am looking for good hand grips without gloves under 30$

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      Ouri grips. Without a doubt.

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      ESI Chunky fan here

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      I like Ergon’s GA2 Fat grip.  I feel the extra diameter works well for going glove less.  Not a soft grip, though, but also doesn’t get sticky like some soft grips do when your hands sweat.  Work well with gloves too.  They’re usually just under $30 at an LBS, less than $25 elsewhere.

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      If the Oury grips are a no-go, the Lizzard Skinz Northshore grips have a similar feel. They are what I went with when Ourys were unavailable and they were about the same price.

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      Another vote for Oury.

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      I love my Oury grips, but they are slippery when my hands are sweaty if I forget my gloves.

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      I like ODI rogues

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      I’m running ergons

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>I’ve tried them all. I ride with gloves but even if I didn’t I would go with ESi extra chunky. Either way hands down they are the best.</p>

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      thank you all for the input, i went with the ouri’s

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