What are the best fat tire festivals in Colorado?

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      I would like to go to some fat tire festivals over the summer. What are some of the best in Colorado?

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      Fruita, next month.

      There’s also a good one in June at Winter Park.
      http://nscftd.convio.net/site/TR/Events … l&sid=1005

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      BIggest one and some say the best is Fruita, never been to the one in Crested Butte but I heared that one is good to.
      http://www.allcrestedbutte.com/events/f … e_week.php

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      Thanks for the info–can you tell me more about the event in Fruita? Does everyone just ride a bunch of trails off 18 Rd or the Kokopeli trails? Are there races? I went to the web site, but I don’t think it’s very clear as far as what goes on.

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      Hey Buddah-Have you been to the one in Fruita? What’s it like?

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      I happened to be passing by on my way to Cali in 2009 and was able to check it out, didn’t get to ride but there was what seemed like a gazillion 😆 people.. Laet year we missed it on our trips out there. You do get to ride as they have schedule rides. Check out the link below, it will give you an idea of the schedule. The first link is to the Fat Tire festival and the second link is to the 18 hours of Fruita which takes place at Highline state park.. Registration to that one is closed though.

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      "mesjulia" wrote

      Hey Buddah-Have you been to the one in Fruita? What’s it like?

      Lots and lots of beer, oh yeah and bikes… 😄

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      Thanks! 😃

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      Yeti tribe is great, but you have to ride a Yeti. They have it in a different town every summer sometime in August. Last year was Durango and was a blast.

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      Fruita Fat Tire festival is excellent! I went last year, they had live music, plenty of riding at various nearby trail locations, a multitude of exhibitors at the event (including Shimano) with the latest components and demo bikes, oh yeah – and lots of beer 😎 A great time was had by all…

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      Crested Butte is also sweet. The festival is usually the week after the Telluride Bluegrass Festival making for perfect timing. Includes beautiful trail #401.

      If you go to Fruita don’t miss fun Kessel Trail.

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      Hmmmmm…well since I live in Grand Junction, sounds like I better hit the Fruita Fat Tire Classic for the beer 😃 Oh yeah–and the great riding 😆

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