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      I know I went through this dilemma when I was looking at colleges and universities–what is the best place to go to college if you HAVE to have good mountain bike trails easily accessible?

      One that immediately springs to mind for me is UC Santa Cruz, with some of the best trails imaginable located LITERALLY on campus!

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      University of Utah-It’s affordable and allows out of state students to pay the in-state tuition rate after one year. You’ve got the Wasatch Front/Park City right there and you can make a weekend out of Moab/Southern Utah.

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      CO School of Mines in Golden, CO. Not cheap or easy to get in, but you can be at the best trails the frontrange can offer in less than 10 minutes.

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      If I had it to do all over again, I’d go to Western State, in Gunnison, Colorado, downstream from Crested Butte, which has some of the best mountain biking in the U.S.

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      Fort Lewis College in Durango of course. I attended Northern Arizona in Flagstaff and there are a bunch of great trails right outside of town plus Sedona is just right down the road!

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      I’d probably say the University of Utah, but I could be biased because I live there…

      Anyways, Park City has a lot of trails, some resorts up the canyons have trails, there’s the Bonneville Shoreline trail, some dirt jumps laying around, and Moab is just a couple of hours away.

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      Nice, lots of people have been telling me University of Utah!

      Also, Fort Lewis is a classic

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      Brevard College (in Brevard, NC) is nice. My daughter goes there.

      They have an excellent collegiate bike team, and located minutes from Dupont and Pisgah. Right in the center of some of the best the East has to offer…

      Edit: here’s a nice link http://bctornados.com/sport.asp?sportID=8

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      If my college had awesome trails, I might have flunked out.

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      I can’t speak from experience, but I have to throw it out there….

      Michigan Tech in Marquette, Michigan. The majority of the semesters seemingly take place during the winter months. Michigan Tech has fat bike trails for miles, not to mention some of the best trails that the Midwest has to offer in the summer months.

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      In my limited experience a student couldn’t go wrong with Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Western University in Gunnison, and Ft. Lewis in Durango.  I’m not familiar with Western’s programs but NAU and Ft. Lewis offer some interesting environmental type degrees like forestry and multi-resource management (NAU) and outdoor adventure/guiding (Ft. Lewis). I imagine the University of Michigan might be pretty good also.  There is quite of bit of riding in the Recreation Areas north of Ann Arbor.  I’m thinking of trails like the Potawatomi.

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      Has anyone considered which universities have collegiate cycling teams?  I wish I’d known about that before I went to college.

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      Not to spill the beans, but stay tuned for an article on just this topic, coming to the blog soon!

      rk97, in the article I analyze which schools have the best and highest-ranked teams, but also consider other factors like trail access, mountains, and many more. So just because a college has a highly-ranked MTB team doesn’t mean it will make it onto my list, but to get a feel for which colleges rank highly, check out the results from the 2016 season below:

      Division I http://s3.amazonaws.com/USACWeb/forms/collegiate/Division1Omnium2016.pdf

      Division II http://s3.amazonaws.com/USACWeb/forms/collegiate/Division2Omnium2016.pdf

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      What about going to school for bikes, while riding bikes? The United Bicycle Institute in Ashland, OR.


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      If you can swing an international college experience, Florence Italy is ringed with amazing singletrack in every direction. If you like to race enduro or XC there is an event in Italy 2-3 time a week from March-November. There are two large universities here: University of Florence, and the European University Institute, as well as many schools of art and design.

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      Oregon state university Bend campus. That would be a great place to go to school if you like to ride.

      Also, University of Montana Missoula has some great trails in the valley.

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      I live in Logan Utah and can confirm that just about any school in Utah is a good choice if you have a love for dirt.

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      Living in Scottsdale over the past 3 years, I’d even suggest the Phoenix Metro area (Arizona State). You also have Northern Arizona up in Flagstaff (Flag and Sedona, and day trip to Sedona).

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      Hi folks!

      For those who are interested, here’s the list and article that we came up with:

      The 10 Best US Colleges and Universities for Mountain Bikers


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