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      I’m quite new to Mountain biking, and have been looking at a range of bikes including polygons Full suspension Siskiu T7. Just wondering what people think of them, are they quality ect?

      Also, should i get a second hand or new bike?

      I will be mostly riding local trails. And want something that will get the job done well.

      Any advice would be appreciated.


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      I used to work at a shop that sold them, so I worked on them a bit.

      They’re actually not bad – the quality is what you’d expect for the price, not amazing, not terrible. The suspension runs mostly on bushings rather than bearings so it’s not quite as plush feeling as some higher end suspension systems, but they ride well enough. The geometry is pretty up to date and they’re great value with a really good component spec.

      We didn’t see many broken frames, but getting warranty frame parts can be tricky depending on the country you’re in…

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