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      My trails ridden log shows 46 trails but I’ve never received the Rambler or Explorer badge. If I have, I don’t know how to tell.  Am I checking in wrong? Is there something I need to do differently? Please help.

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      Good news! You have earned both the Rambler and Explorer badges:


      One thing to keep in mind is that your “ridden” list doesn’t necessarily reflect the trails you’ve checked in at. Badges are based on check-ins only.  For example, I have a couple hundred trails on my ridden list but have officially checked in at less than a hundred trails.

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      I guess I don’t understand how it keeps track. Are these badges that we can only earn once?  It shows progress as 0 and 15 needed for my next badge.

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      Right, certain badges are milestone badges where you have to complete a certain # of unique check-ins to earn them. Once you earn Rambler, for example, you start working on Explorer. Right now there is no way to earn Rambler a second time.

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      Thanks for the clarification.

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