wet sand in XTR rear derailleur issues

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      I recently purchased a 2009 Stumpjumper elite. Everything works great on it until today… I went for a ride through some deep deep sugar sand and halfway through the sky let loose some massive rain! The second the wet sand got into the rear derailleurs it started jumping gears like crazy! I got back onto the streets and rode through some deeper puddles to wash the sand out and all was good after that.
      Is there anything one can do to prevent the wet sand from interfering with my ride/shifting?
      Are SRAM derailluers any better in this situation?

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      No, I was in some woods out by Lake Washington (old dirtbike/jeep trails). The sand was deeper than any of the sand at Whickam! But I was feeling like the Hulk and charged right through… well as hard as I could with the bike going up or down two gears.

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      "Screamin_Seaman" wrote

      Is there anything one can do to prevent the wet sand from interfering with my ride/shifting?

      Yes, don’t ride in deep sand while it’s raining! 😆

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      Not much you can do there….Both Sram and Shimano will do the same….If anything take careful consideration on the lube you use, as well as the amount of grim that is on the chain.

      The cleaner the chain the less likely it will attract sand.. Some lubes which when applied too often or too much lube. Will gum up and act like a magnet for dirt. Applying and rubing down the chain will leave the right amount of lube and minimize dirt attraction.

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      There is definitely not an over abundance of lube on the chain! It must have just been the 5"+ of wet sand that eventually accumulated on the chain/sprockets.

      And maddslacker, I can’t help it if Im a beast and ride the toughest stuff possible. 😆
      Ask CP about be taking the tough routes.

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      Yeah, out here in Colorado we keep our sand in Utah and our rain in Kansas. 😎

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      Well I think I figured out the problem… The derailleur was out of adjustment and I could only use the upper 8 gears (out of 9). Adjusted it correctly and all was well… up until today when I ripped the derailleur off 😠

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