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      If you weren’t aware the Internation Mountain Bike Association, West Virginia Mountain Bike Association, numerous other Mountain Bike organizations throughout the state, and individual mountain bikers have been on the phones, emails, etc. in an effort to block many miles of our trails in the Monongahela National Forest from falling to Wilderness Designation.

      What is so disheartening is when we read testimony from a business like Elk River Touring Center (ERTC), well known to be mountain bike oriented, and Snowshoe Mountain, that supports Wilderness because it is not in their immediate area and actually may take away trails in other areas leaving the ones near them available. I will be sure to remove mention of ERTC in any of my WV trail posts and hope anyone visiting the Pocahontas County area (great mountain biking by the way), will avoid any businesses that sponsor taking our trails away.

      Read some: http://wvmba.freeforums.org/elk-river-touring-t59.html


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