Well, I’m proud of my nephew and me.

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      So, we had a race a couple of weeks ago, and the racers left a bunch of trash and tubes hanging in the trees. I decided that I’d take my nephew out on the same trails and show him what we did for the race. Since we were going out there I decided that we should at least pick up some of the trash left behind. We took a small backpack for him to wear and we set out riding and cleaning. We picked up quite a few tubes and some small trash, and he actually stopped me a couple of times to pick up some of the things I missed. So, I’m a bit proud of the little squirt, and so we’re planning on heading out tomorrow as well.
      We decided we’d do this because we don’t pay to use the trail, others work to build it, so least we could do is clean it up a bit.

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      Nice work!

      (I wish there was a clapping smiley.)

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      Nice work !

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      Well done!!! Nice to show your nephew good etiquette on the trail.

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      We went out this morning too. Totaled we claimed unknown numbers of gel & powerbar wrappers with more out there, 4 tubes, 2 water-bottles, and a small girls shirt that got left by one of the campers. And we discovered a tree that had fallen during the night. I called the trail boss and he came out and cleared it sometime last night or early morning.

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      thank you!

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