Well… Hunting season is over.


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      I know it has been awhile since I’ve been on, but I have a good excuses. Hunting season. Yes, over the past 6 months the same trails I ride during the late winter and all summer have become my hunting areas. Lets face it… there is no better way to scout for deer. I’ve seen you guys out there riding… especially the guys night riding on the Sumter National Forest. I’m jealous. Anyhow, I’m back. Hunting season is almost over. I tuned up the bike today and will be huffing and puffing trying to get back in shape in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I sold my 26 that my wife used and I’m looking for a replacement. Anyone looking to sell a well used 26 or 29 WSD or in the 17-18 inch range let me know. Thanks!

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      No bike for sale, but I’d be willing to hear about your success hunting. I do a good amount myself here in Wisconsin, but I didn’t do to well this year.

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      The last thing the Ranger told us last weekend was "Don’t make any gobble noises when your on the trails" haha

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