Washington State Mountain Bike Riding Season

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      I am heading to the SeaTac area for family reasons in the next week for an extended stay.  Four months or more.

      What is the mountain bike riding season? Or, for that matter, any bike riding. I have lived for years in Colorado.  There still is a lot of riding to do because some areas stay pretty dry (desert) and are warmer (Canon City, Fruita, then into Moab).  However, I am not going to bother bringing my gear and bikes if it would be a waste of time over the next three or four months.

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      You can pretty much ride around here all year long as long as you don’t mind rain and muddy trails. Bring your bike along and you’ll find some great trails around here. The mud is generally very wet, thin and runny over a hard base which doesn’t pose too much of a problem. Riding wet roots can be a real challenge if you’re not used to doing that.

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