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      Hello guys really i wants to buy a mountain bike under $ 500. But i don’t  know which kind of bike is best on the market place.Anyone here for help me??????Just tell me because its very important….

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      Hi Martina, check out this list of budget mountain bikes. The first 5 are all under $500. I also saw a bike from Raleigh at Interbike this year (not sure if it was a Talus?) that was around $400 that looked pretty interesting. It’s a 27.5 with a 1×9 drivetrain–solid and simple.

      Buyer’s Guide: Budget Hardtail Mountain Bikes

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      Thank you for your advise.Just i visit your page..Its good….But recent i visit another page…so let me  compared it then i am taking a way for buy this….if you r agree i can share another sites url….### Jeff

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      Martina, I did a ton of research on this a few months ago in buying both my first bike and my wife’s first bike.  Our budget was $500.oo or less.  I wound up getting a Diamondback Axis Pro at about $450.00.  I got my wife a GT Laguna for $350.00.  Of course there are many things to consider before buying a bike (I started by deciding between hard tail and full suspension), but we’ve both been very happy with our bikes, and we can say they’ve held up to some decent tests during our first season.

      I also strongly considered a Diamondback Overdrive for myself and a Liv bike for my wife – both come in at around $500.00, and both are well reviewed.  Liv is made by women specifically for women, and as such, Liv bikes (as well as GT) tend to be more forgiving to the vertically challenged.

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      Thanks Rich083….Can you give me the address….where from you buys your Bike….

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      With a 500 dollar budget I would highly recommend going craigslist and buying a used bike. If you don’t know anything about bikes or mountain bikes, give someone who does a beer and take him/her along with you.

      My first bike was a 2009 Gary Fisher Piranha, which I purchased for 250 dollars. It was a 2009, and had 3×10 sram gearing hydraulic disk brakes, and an air fork with a lockout. Way better than any new 500 dollar bike. I then sold it for 350 and bought a 2013 Trek Superfly for 650 dollars.

      So, I spent 550 dollars total and now have a 25 pound xc hardtail 29er that retailed for two grand. It’s basically brand new. If you wait long enough you’ll find a deal, even if you’re looking for a small or an xl frame size. I was also willing to travel a couple of hours to get the Superfly, but I couldn’t be happier.

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      I wound up getting my bike from Amazon as there was no place within a reasonable distance to me selling it.  As of now, it is no longer available there.  My wife’s bike is available online depending on your location (they are based out of California and don’t ship all over the US – check GT’s website for details), but I preferred getting it from my local bike shop, and as it turns out, I was able to negotiate the price down $50 from retail and get the complimentary tuneups on both our bikes, which is a great perk.  Consider buying from a shop if possible for that reason alone.

      What dex says is true, Craigslist can often be the best option. It’s how my brother, a seasoned biker out west, tends to acquire the best deals.  However, being new to the sport and not knowing anyone really into biking around my area, I decided to buy new as it felt like a safer option.  I think Diamondback is kind of known for having pretty good bang for your buck on entry level bikes, though there are plenty of other companies, both big and small, that have good options.  You just have to do your research and figure out what you want.  Jeff provided you with a good link to a few of the options.  This is another page I visited at the start of my search:  http://www.davescheapbikes.com/cheap-mountain-bikes/

      It should help you to get started.


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      I grabbed a Motobecane Fantom29 from Bikes Direct and have been loving it. I’ve put almost 1000 miles on it and have had zero issues with it.  I only paid $399 and have definitely got my money’s worth it from this bike. I haven’t done any upgrades but will probably be doing the pedals before Winter fully sets in.

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      It is really a nice bike. But i want to share a site link of mountain bike. Don’t Mind it just for compare… Just go this site


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      Lots of good options out there. If you can do the final assembly your self the Motobacane 529HT from bikesdirect.com for $399 with hydraulic disc brakes and a mid level 100mm Suntour fork is a great deal. Bought my son one for his birthday.

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      Just a warning, make sure you figure out how much riding you are going to be doing before you decide on the bike, sometimes the components for the bike you can afford won’t hold up to the amount of time you put in on using the bike, #fork I just wanted to warn you!

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      Interesting Topic . If you want to ride in mountain area you need a bikes that perfect for downhill and uphill riding. You know there are 10 type of mountain biking . So you have to choose a perfect bicycle that give benefit to ride in all type . You can read this for getting a perfect bike http://www.bikejar.com/best-mountain-bikes-under-500/

      I hope you will be able to choice a perfect bicycle for your new adventure . Happy MTB riding .

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