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      Not ready to go clipless, but my pedals need an upgrade from the stock plastic ones with worn-off nubs. Anyone make the jump to clipless and have a spare set of platforms lying around?

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      I recently upgraded to Azonic Flat 420s and they’re golden. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare set of good platforms around. Good luck dude.

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      You can have his old Wal-Mart pedals that are here,they’re metal,pretty new,and free,haha.

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      Well if they’re grippier than my current plastic pedals and they’re free, then yeah it’s a start!

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      Whenever you get back in town,we can meet up and I can swap those out for ya…if I think about it I’ll get a pic for ya.

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      If I get these clips, then I’ll have a metal platform set available.

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      There’s a set of Crank brothers Mallet 1 pedals for sale on ebay for a good price look up dana67301. I don’t know if it will work but [url:2coi4g23]http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=400174579138&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT[/url:2coi4g23] I purchased a set and are expecting them in the next couple of days.

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      Why not go with these?
      http://www.amazon.com/Shimano-PD-M324-C … B001AT33CW

      Best of both worlds!

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      Stupid resurrected zombie threads…heh

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      Oops. 😳 😆 didn’t see the date. Oh well.

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