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      A group of mountain bike enthusiasts, several teens and pre teens among them, have turned an overgrown lot that was a hang out for drug users and the homeless into an urban bike park full of jumps, berms, and drops. Finding a place for this park was no small feat, Victoria has some of the highest property values in Canada. But they succeeded, and the Cecelia Ravine bike skills park was recently opened.

      Read more about this cool success story here: … le2288630/

      What do you think? Will bike parks like this one spread to more cities in the US than just Boulder, Seattle, and New York?

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      Seeing what I’ve seen from here in Denver Colorado,I’m gonna say YES to that Greg.It ain’t just Boulder here in Colorado,there have been bike parks popping up here right and left the last several years,golden,denver,louisville,castel rock,along with several other cities I just can’t think of at the moment.The Denver bike park(Trestle bike park) is an extension of the Winter Park Bike Park inn Denver and was built right smack dab in my hood where I first rode a bike when I was 3 or 4 years old.The thought of bike parks,along wiith the little bike parks we and other kids made back then (a lot of which still stand to this day)makes me not only believe that more will be built,but that there is a bike boom goin on,,not that that is news to anyone,, 😄

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