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      Does anybody have any information on the mountain biking opportunities in Vernal, UT. There aren’t any trails listed on the Utah page.

      Thanks in advance.

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      All you need to ride in Vernal can be found at:

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      For all that is MTB & Cycling related in the Vernal and Uintah Basin area, check out

      Trail maps are coming along as GPS info rolls in.


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      I don’t know about the riding but the town itself is a dump. The Trails would have to be pretty radical for me to consider spending any more time there.

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      Sweet buff singletrack with awesome desert views. Some of the best desert trails I’ve ever ridden. Narrow and rolling with plenty of thrills.

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      Yeah, the recent article in BIKE really peaked my interest! My original query was due to a potential job, but that didn’t materialize. However, there might be Vernal trip in the future.

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      "SNGLTRC" wrote

      All you need to ride in Vernal can be found at:

      we need to get all the trails that we possibly know of UP ON HERE! i really like the idea of having the most comprehensive database of trails possible! everything! i know that i’ve been doing my part… however, it would seem kind of unethical to post a trail that you have never ridden by just basically copying out of a guide book that you’ve purchased (which i have NOT done… i’ve only posted trails i have experience with)

      or would it? what do you guys think?

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      If you go to I am Craven. I wrote the guide and have ridden every trail dozens of times. The trail guides can be downloaded for free at my site. I posted the same info here to spread the love about Vernal singletrack. Any questions?

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      This is the current BLM website with a short video of sections of trail.


      Check it out and call me for info on our latest projects, Brush Creek trail, and The Red Fleet Dinotrax DHJ Trail.
      435-781-4501 or [email protected]
      Yeti 7, Specialized P2 we build because we ride!

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