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      Moving to Valdosta soon and wondering if anyone rides there and whats around. My searches turned up nothing as far as trails. Guess this means roadtrips and need some fellow riders. anyone in the area let me know.

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      Not sure if you have the skinny on Vald MTB yet but it is not too good.
      The local trails at St. Johns have been bulldozed and look like they are going to be logged or sold as lots.
      Allen has a new trail up in Lakeland. It is short but fun and 30 min away. Other than that its Tom Brown in Tallahasee, White springs, or Okala.


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      I rode the trail in Lakeland the other day and it has potential. especially that its kept up by one person. with some planning and people we could make a drastic improvement on that trail. I know I’m interested if we want to put something together.

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      Yea, the MTB scene in Valdumpster is pretty poor. But, it is only a short road trip to quite a few trail systems. Tom Brown/Cadillac, Redbug, and Elinor-Klapp parks in Tallahassee are 90 minutes away if you take HWY84 to 319 in Thomasville. Hannah park in Mayport, Florida is a nice fast/flat singletrack surrounded by palmettos and it is close to Jacksonville. Santos and Barge Canal in Ocala,FL are very popular for a good reason even though they are close to 3 hours south. I have heard of a few good trails in Gainesville but havent ridden them. White Springs, FL has some pine straw covered singletrack that is only about 1 hour south of Valdosta off of I-75. Macon has a few parks and the number of trails increases exponentially the further north you get from Atlanta. Raccoon Mountain, in Chattanooga, TN is 6-7 hours north but worth every minute of that drive.
      Check out SORBA even more trail beta, and SORBA chattanooga for some of the best trail info in our area.

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      Hey guys,
      After the destruction of St. Johns, a friend of mine and I were told about some possible trails in and around Langdale Park. Now I know what your thinking and its true, but if you don’t bother them, they wont bother you. We have been out there a few times and there is some real potential. It still has to dry out in some spots, and it is pretty grown over in places but you can easily find 4+ miles of trail out there. Some double track and some pretty good single track along the river. Its no Santos but you can get a good workout in if you don’t want to leave town. Would anyone be interested in a trail maintenance day out there? Nice to see S. GA representin in the forums!

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      I’m in as soon as I get home from overseas. After the first week of June is a go ahead for me. Where is Langdale Park?

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      Langdale park is off of N. Valdosta Road. If you are going north it is on your left, just after The Links and just before Music Funeral home. You have to look for it but there is a big wooden sign. The road goes all the way to the river and you will see trailheads as you drive in. Its pretty dense in places, but not bad for an in town ride. I will be gone all of June so it looks like we will shoot for a July date. Sound good?

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      Hey I just got back into riding and have been in valdosta year. Really want to find some trails around here and what you guys posted sounds promising. Just wondering if anyone is still riding those trails?

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