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      Sorry if this is not the right forum for this question.

      I am new to mountain biking and recently purchased a hard tail with V brakes. Now I notice that my shoes get covered in black brake dust when I ride. I believe this is normal for V brakes but is it normal for disk brakes. Should I switch to disk brakes in the rear only or both.

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      It’s not really normal for either kind. It sounds like your brake pads are really dry and crusty. A little bit of "dust" might be normal but definitely not some much that your "shoes get covered." Try swiching out a new pair of pads and see if you have the same issue. Aztec makes a good V brake pad.

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      but the bike is brand new. Its a Gary Fisher Mako. should I take it back to my LBS and have them check it out?

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      Also I am new at this so I maybe riding my brakes alot more than I should be.

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      Yeah, that sounds a little extreme. Are you sure it’s brake dust? Could it be coming from the trail/road you’re riding on?

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      I am pretty sure. I have attached a pic. The dust is black, the trail is dirt and pine straw so I would expect it to be brown or reddish color. also the black is only on the sides of my shoes that face the wheel.


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      Looks like that could be oil/dirt coming off the crank or chain.

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      Yeah its kinda dusty. I can brush it off and it will not look as bad. So should I clean my crank shaft?

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      Check your crank arms – I’m guessing you might notice the paint is worn off. My crank arms are (were) black and now they’re showing silver where the insides of my feet are rubbing.

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      ok I do think it is coming from the crank bc I see the same black stuff when I touch the chain or gears. But how is it getting on my left shoe. i would expect my right shoe to be covered and my left almost clean.

      the crank arm or what ever you call it is completely clean tho.

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