Using Smart PHone Apps to track Rides?

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      I have an android phone and I installed the Google Track’s app for tracking my cycling, running, etc. I have had a few issues and was wondering if anyone out there is using it? What do you think of it? What other apps are people using to track their rides?

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      I haven’t used google tracks but I have used Runkeeper and MyTracks in the past. Depending on my cell coverage, they work alright. I like the runkeeper community, it syncs with facebook friends and you can track all your buddies rides. A stupid feature? Perhaps. I like it. The only nab, which is why I am considering a stand alone gps, is that it relies on Assisted GPS. (not "true" GPS in the sense that it doesn’t use satellites) Occasionally, I will be logging a ride and if I hit one area that doesn’t get service, even for a mile, it craps out and the whole second half of the ride is lost.

      A buddy of mine uses Endomondo. I actually like that better but haven’t swapped.

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      I have a Blackberry Curve and I use the freeware app GPSLogger. It works AWESOME!

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      I use Mapmyride on my Driod Incredible. Works well and its free.

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      I am using Sportstracker with my iPhone. It can be donwloaded from the Appstore and it’s free. Can sync your ride with other friends, upload to facebook etc.


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      I use Strava with My Android driven Commando

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      I am using endomondo (free) on my Blackberry and it works awesome! Tracks all of your rides, all kinds of stats and even posts you ride to facebook (complete with map) when you are done. I would not go on a ride without it.

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      "jahwarrior" wrote

      I use Strava with My Android driven Commando

      strava here on an EVO 😄

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      MapMyRide with an Incredible.

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      I’ve been using mapmyride on my iphone 4s… works well.

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      Anyone know if there is a GPS tracker app for the iPhone like the ones above (Strava, MapMyRide, etc.) that has the “Emergency Alert” functionality of GPSLogger II?
      I recently switched from BB to iPhone and can’t find a GPS tracking/mapping (bicycle) app that will do what GPS Logger II did for my BB. It allows you to specify interval (haven’t moved ‘x’ feet in ‘y’ minutes), customize message, set recipient address. When movement falls below threshold, system emails out the custom message along with a link to Google Maps with current location as well as a file to import into Google Earth to show the path you took.

      I commute to work and ride some out of the way routes on weekends. This feature at least gave my wife the peace of mind that they could recover my body (as long as the phone was still operable) if something happened 😮


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      Am using Motion X on my iPhone – paid version. I like it – can email tracks, share etc. Got ‘turned around’ one day about 8 miles in… Funny how you get really tired and thirsty when you discover that you are lost! Used the track & map to short cut back to the trail head. Will never ride a new trail without it.

      Only downfall is it drainss the battery fast – 3hrs tops….

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      Using endomondo now but dosnt track elevation (that i know of). Anyone have one that tracks elevation?

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      I’ve been using the Runtastic Mountain bike Pro app since this spring and it is AWESOME. My hands-down favorite app.

      And yes, it tracks elevation.

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      Mapmyride tracks elevation. Very happy with this app…

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      "Johneblz" wrote

      Mapmyride tracks elevation. Very happy with this app…

      Only thing I don’t like about mapmyride is that it won’t let u download the whole gpx file off their website.

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      I started with RunningAhead, but it crashed if you looked at it funny, and doing any activity for more than an hour made the app display really annoying. I then discovered Strava online and their associated apps.

      My only issue with their apps is that it polls the GPS data every 3 seconds. This can make a big difference, sometimes, while mountain biking. Taking curvy sections quickly, quick climbs, and anything that basically sees you making huge changes very quickly can be lost with this app.

      So, I use MyTracks and export the full GPX file from my phone for storage on my computer, and eventual upload to Strava or here if I was logging a trail. MyTracks allows bluetooth heart rate monitors (including the affordable Zephyr unit), polls every second, and I’ve yet to have it crash. Just recently did a 25 mile, 3.5+ hour workout over the weekend and it had zero issues with the data. It tracked all the elevation changes, never skipped a beat with the path I took, and performed flawlessly.

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      Use MapMyRide on my Android phone with great success, also have Strava but haven’t used it.

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