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      Hi everyone,

      I am considering installing a Cannondale Lefty Supermax fork on my 2015 Giant trance advanced 2. I am very unfamiliar with the Lefty suspension and I am hoping that some people here could help me out with their expertise! 😀

      The first question is whether the Lefty would fit. It’s coming off of a large trigger frame, which has a 4.8 inch/122.2 mm headtube. This is very similar to my bike, which has a 4.7 inch/119.4mm headtube. What would be needed in order to mount the Lefty on the bike? Would the original steer tube from the trigger work? I think that cannondale head tubes are tapered, but I think that Giant trance head tubes are as well? I am hoping someone on here has more knowledge of this than I do.

      The 2nd question is whether I could replace the front wheel hub with a lefty-compatible hub but keep the rest of the wheel (spokes/rim) Is the procedure (removing the original hub and replacing with a new one) exceedingly difficult?

      Thanks, and let me know if I’ve posted in the wrong place, as I am new to the forum.

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      Project321 should be able to help you with both the Lefty adapter and the hub. I’ve heard their support is uber-helpful as well.

      My brother has converted a couple rims back and forth from Lefty to standard with no ill effects.

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