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    Hi All,

    I am visiting USA in October. I wanted to spend 2 days in a MTB Town where i can explore Basic to intermediate Offroad trails. Daily ridetime can be 5-6 hours around or perhaps more including taking pics, all other breaks, rest etc.

    Looking for a scenic, safe route which has good infra of renting cycles and umpteen folks on routes from safety perspective.

    Which one to do you recommend? I’ve not mountain biked in USA before. (if its near california / alaska better as i may visit these states later post my MTB trip so the journey will be easy)

    I came across many articles online which recommends 10-20 places, but i get confused and only want one best place considering my criteria above.

    Thanks & Rgds,

    MG (

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    Brevard, NC on the East Coast.

    on the West coast I’d say either Park City Utah or Lake Tahoe.



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    Hi Manish,

    Look no further than Western Colorado and the small town of Fruita.

    Our town is a “World Class” mountainbike destination and we have it all.

    Contact Over The Edge bikes for all of the info you may need.

    See you here.

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    It is a huge country, there is no one best place. There are places that are truly mountainous, those that are only hilly, and even areas that have little or no hills that still have good trails. What type of terrain are you looking for? And depending on area the temperature can vary greatly. What is, for you, the ideal temperature for riding? Some of the better areas are already closed or about to close for the winter. Southern Alaska the temperature is 40sF (5C) during the day and Fairbanks AK is already down to 20sF (-7C) at night and only 35F  (2C) for a high most days.

    All the places so far suggested are excellent, as is Oliver Springs TN area (Windrock downhill park). Also Ellijay, GA (Mulberry Gap) and Asheville NC (Mount Pisgah) are also great areas.

    If you are not really worried about hills, just want good trails, and would like warm weather, in the South Florida/Miami area there are four very good trail systems (Markham, Oleta, Amelia Earhart, and Virginia Key), not to mention, the ocean, great beaches, and abundant night life.

    It might be best to pick which area of the country you want to see, or which cities you might want to be near, and go with the trails near there. If you want to see some of the trails and towns in Colorado,, check out the YouTube channel Single Track Sampler. Alex is actually riding all through Colorado this month and is posting his rides daily.

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    October in Northern States can be beautiful, but also somewhat unpredictable. To your question, Alaska would be AWESOME in the Summer but October is probably too late in the year. I don’t have a lot of experience in California, but you might consider the San Jose area – kind of an expensive area, if that is a concern.

    Some of the more Southern places I’ve been that have Beginner-Intermediate (and Expert) trails would be Fruita – Grand Junction in Western Colorado, Bentonville area in  Northwest Arkansas, and Sedona in Arizona. All of these areas actively support off-road biking and therefore a real positive experience.

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    Moab, Utah.

    For California, I’d say Lake Tahoe, but the mornings can be cold in October.

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    Lake Tahoe is on my bucket list (an American Euphemism for things to do before you die, i.e. “kick the bucket”).  There are write ups on that location here at  I hope you enjoy your trip.


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    St. George

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    San Diego-Noble Canyon

    San Francisco-Coe State Park, Annandale SP, China Camp SP/Tamarancho

    Las Vegas-Bootleg Canyon, Blue Diamond, Bristlecone Pine Trail

    Phoenix-South Mountain, Hawes, Gold Canyon, Black Canyon

    Tucson, Tucson Mountains, 50 Year Trail, Arizona Trail, Tortolitas

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