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      Discuss mountain bike trails and locations in US Virgin Islands and get the latest updates on trail conditions here. Send a PM to trek7k if you would like to be considered for the US Virgin Islands forum moderator position (don’t forget to include the name of the state you would like to moderate).

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      I am moving to St Thomas in August and need to know if there is any trails to ride or should I keep my bike in the States? I ride in Houston now any chance I get and would love to continue riding for the 2 years I will be on the Island. Also if anyone knows of near by islands that have good trails that might help as well, although I have no idea how to get my bike to them.



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      I was down there a few years ago…we did mostly Jeepin all over the island – but I know there is DEFINITELY the terrain for it….some serious elevation change and I did see good trail surface just a short distance from the beaches in several spots on the island.

      This may be a ’round-about’ way to get some trail beta, but I recommend checking some of the touristy "adventures" that are offered up to people coming to St. Thomas on the cruise ships. I’ll bet you will find some locals who guide the bike tours that can point you in the right direction to some good trails. I rode in a guided MTB ride in St. Maarten and the experience was awesome!

      Now…the disclaimer…if you try my suggestion above and wake up penniless & bike-less on a beach somewhere, trying to remember why certain parts of your body ache, and the faint flavor of parched b0ngwat3r that you just can’t shake – those were probably the wrong guides to ask for directions!

      Hey…if you find some good trails – post them up! Pics-videos-maps-the works! The wife and I want to get back down there sometime and hit all the stuff we missed!
      If you get a chance to ride in St. Maarten, don’t pass it up – in fact, I was going to try and link up with the guide company I rode with down there and ask if they would post the trail info for the St. M trails on Singletracks.

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      Thanks alot! So your saying there is a chance. great.

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      You could always get yourself a Pugsley and ride the beaches! Of course that might be hard to concentrate on with all the bikinis. 😮

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      Who said ANYTHING about bikinis?!!? 😃

      When we wrapped up the guided ride I mentioned above in St. Maarten – we ended up at a beach that was "clothing optional" and the bar on the beach opened before noon!

      HG, my friend….you are on the way to the land of milk and honey! Hopefully, you’re not expecting to do any work down there…for a few years.

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