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      Hey all,

      I guess I mind as well try to get the ball rolling in the New York forum. 😛

      Any riders from the Upstate area (Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo)? How’s the riding in Buffalo and Syracuse? Rochester doesn’t have trails that will really please hardcore guys, but I guess living here you mind as well put up with it. 😏

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      I’m in Batavia, and there are only four wheeler tracks really that aren’t meant for bikes, which can add a few challenges, but I think it makes it better. I have heard that in the Genesee County Park there is one trail, but i think it is just a sight seeing trail, I haven’t been there to check it out. I bet if you could talk to some people who ride four wheelers a lot in the upstate New York area, they could give you some decent trail locations.

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      Well this forums looks dead but I’ll jump in. I’m in the Syracuse area and ride trails all around central NY. For a good list of the trails in this area check out and look for the D.I.R.T. section.

      My favorites are
      Highland, Chenango, Vanderkamp

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      Gennesse County park does actully have a decent trail. It’s nothing crazy but some decent single track.

      As far as Rochester goes. Tryon Park should provide plenty of challenges for all levels of riders.

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      Wow, I’m surprised people still look on this part of the forum, but good to know that some people do, I haven’t gotten a chance to go to genesee county park yet, but i am planning to get up there as soon as i get my license, which will be soon hopefully.

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      I heard Letchworth state park has got some nice trails. Anyone been over there?

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      I heard that it was starting to get eroded, but not too bad just little things, but has some good info about trails around here.

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      I’m looking to getting back into trail riding, but haven’t been doing decent riding in about 9 years. What are some local trails that are good for novices but still offer good trails?

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      Linear Park over in Penfield is halfway decent. Leads from Four Corners of Penfield down to Panorama Plaza. Makes for some good runs to Tops to grab a donut.

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      Anything happening in WNY?

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      A whole lotta rain! It’s been raining just enough to agrivate the hell out of you. There are some races coming up. Check it out:

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      Surprised no one has mentioned Dryer Road Park. It’s about 10 minutes from Thruway Exit 45. Lots of awesome singletrack, something for everyone, with all trails rated by difficulty.



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      "medicdave" wrote

      Surprised no one has mentioned Dryer Road Park. It’s about 10 minutes from Thruway Exit 45. Lots of awesome singletrack, something for everyone, with all trails rated by difficulty.



      Yes, but how are the trail conditions. Has the RaChaCha are been getting pouned like the Buffalo area? This has been the worst MTB season that I can remember. 😠

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      Amen to that – if there was a "sun dance" I would have been doing it every day this past week!

      On the plus side, Dryer does tend to (pardon the pun) dry out quite quickly after a rain – if today stays sunny, the trails should be rideable by late afternoon. There’ll be muddy spots, but for the most part the place cleans up pretty quick, probably owing to the fact that it’s built all around a big plateau.

      Any recommendations for must-ride spots out in Buffalo? So far I’ve only rode around the Rocheseter area, but I’d like to do a few road trips this fall.


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      Go to Ellicottville and grab a trail map from the LBS in town. And then ride for hours!

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      massive ammounts of rain over the last weekend (9-11 August) We’re having an extremely wet summer. Hope the fall is drier! HA!

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      I’ll be heading to the Carthage area in July. Was wondering how the riding was up there?

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      I live in a Utica New York.. There are enough trails locally here in New Hartford, Clinton, Waterville, Hamilton and around Syracuse to keep any mountain biker happy. Shit, the Sherrill Brooke park in New Hartford New York has enough trails to keep most avid cyclists happy. I meet with guys there on Thursday night sometimes after work and we ride between 8-10 miles and we are not hitting all of the trails. It has good single track and is an intermediate trail.

      Also up at Hamilton college in Clinton, NY there are mountain bike trails that will also keep you happy. These trails are very nice to have around for nice week night rides after work.

      Also the CNY Dirt guys have built numerous trails at Highland Forest in Fabius, NY which made that place what it is today. And as the other gentlemen typed, visit and look at their ride calendar for meet ups.

      Their are two groups of guys that you can ride with here in central NY (utica, New hartford). The MVBC or Mohawk Valley Bicycle club is one if you want to pay for a membership and join a huge group that caters to all aspects of cycling like road and cyclocross. Some of these guys are really nice and other have huge attitudes. Their is also a smaller group of guys that ride erratically at Sherril Brooke park on thursday nights and at hamilton college. These guys are really nice and are fun to ride with. I am 28 and these guys are probably in their late 40’s, but boy can they can ride!… fun guys…

      As for Western NY, I have been out to Dryer road park at the start of this season and it was a nice ride.

      I would have to think that you guys have trails out there being near the finger lakes.. Go to local bike shops and ask where guys are riding.

      Sorry for Ranting but their are plenty of places to ride in Central New York, yes it is difficult to find them after being absent from the sport, but not impossible. 😎

      Best Regards

      2012 Trek Cobia 29er
      2012 Specialized Hardrock Disc Sport

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      I’m over here in Niagara Falls. My buddy and I just started riding some trails this summer and already been to Ellicotville and Sprague Brook. We’re planning on going to Hunters Creek this friday the 14th, maybe we’ll see you guys up there.

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      Hey Luppino2, give us a shout when you go out to ride. We’re in Old Forge and always looking for new (to us) trails to ride.

      Shindagin Hallow and Highland Forrest are worth the drive.

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      Pa guy here but…

      …been to Oakley Corner, Shandigan, Chenango Valley, Sprague Brook, Dryer, Liberty ski, Walnut Mountain, Williams Lake, Black Fly, Letchworth, Stewart…

      …all good and different, any questions about a specific place I have been to glad to help out.

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      What’s rideable in the Syracuse area? Want to ride while we have the "warm" weather this weekend.

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