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      I was wondering if it would be possible to pull the parts from my current setup and switch them to a nicer (lighter) frame? I have a Diamondback Response 18" and it feels too heavy and is too short for me. I was looking at getting the Sette ACE XC 20" so I can switch to a FS setup. Would it be cheaper to fork over the $1200 for a full bike or could I just get the frame with the Rockshox Monarch 3.3 rear shock and pull my Response’s setup from it? I like the components that are on the Response already, and can do upgrades later on. Big factor is I have to do this my self. The bike shops here cost an arm, a leg, and your first born to do any work. (Schweinfurt, Germany)

      Any 💡 ?

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      I did almost the exact same thing in switching to my newest bike. I basically bought the frame, and stripped my old bike of all its components.

      One thing you have to consider is fork size, BB size and all the tools you will need to remove and install your components. Think about cotterless crank extractors, bottom bracket wrenches, that special nut you use to tighten down your cassette, all the torx and hex wrenches, etc. One thing that most people cannot do at home is remove and press a headset. This is best done by a pro with the right equipment.

      Hope that helps.

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