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      I have a Vitus Nucleus. It came with Tektro HD-M290 hydraulic brakes. I want to upgrade to a better system l. I know Tektro offers better brakes but do I have to upgrade my rotors and levers too or can I plug in pieces of the system that I want to upgrade. The same question applies to any other brand like Shimano. Do I have to use Shimano rotors if I go with the MT200? Is it best to replace the entire brake system and if I don’t am I diminishing my return by not replacing the rotors? If I just upgraded the rotors would that make any difference? I’m just wondering what components of the braking system are worth keeping if any. Thanks in advance.

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      You can mix and match rotors from any of the major brands. You’ll see marginally improvments in heat management by upgrading rotors, but if you are looking for increased stopping power it will be best to replace the lever and brake. These are typically sold in pairs because the lever and brake are a matched set with the appropriate reservoir sized to the brake.

      So in your case. I would keep my rotors, if they are still above the minimum thickness marked on the rotor, and upgrade your lever and brake.

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      You can always just get a bigger rotor up front and put the old front rotor on the rear.

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      Even the cheapest brakes can be vastly improve by doing these things.

      Make sure the brakes are well bled. Even the smallest bit of air in the lines reduces braking performance.

      Install metallic pads. Metallic pads provide much more bite than organic pads.

      Install larger rotors (especially the front rotor). Bigger rotors equal more bite.

      However, Tektro brakes don’t have a particularly good reputation and even doing all of these things might not be enough. I would consider upgrading to 4 piston Shimano Deore brakes.

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