Upgrades and Rides today?

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      Here is a great place to share with everyone what upgrades/maintenance  you did to your bike today, also rides.

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      Cool! I’ll be sure to pop my rides on hear, will be sweet to see what all the other riders out there are doing… ‘,:)

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      nothing today – but tomorrow is clean the bike, clean rotors and brakes (i hate squeaky brakes!!!) and then clean and lube the chain / chainset – all ready for tomorrow nights ride 🙂 (where it will be back to being filthy dirty again :))

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      This afternoon, I hope to replace my front brake pads. They are starting to rub, and I have them on hand so why not? 🙂

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      I ordered a new bike today, does that count?

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      oh yeah of course that counts! 🙂 that’s awesome, get out there and shred man!

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      Out of interest what’s your new steed?

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        Had the LBS order in a Salsa Beargrease X5. Should be picking it up later this week! And if the weather plays nice and doesn’t melt more of the snow, I should be able to enjoy it this weekend too with a good break in ride.

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      I have a 3.0 front and and 2.8 rear nobby nic installed yesterday, we’ll see how it claws up the hill today 🙂

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      New pedals  this evening after work.  Replacing my Shimano Saints (which have seen 4 years and two bikes worth of use – and have been beaten to a pulp) with  VP-Vice Pedals.

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      Nice! It’s good to hear all of these things happening, building up the mtber community. ‘arkinet’, are u riding in the snow? or is just the dirt?

      “Robert dobbs’ what kind of riding do you do? those VP-vice pedals are nice, great platform, I rode those same pedals when renting in montana.


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      In the middle of replacing my rear derailleur, rear shifter, and chain on my old Trek 8000. Old Deore XT derailleur was in rough shape. Chain was worn out too. The front shifter started missing shifts and felt sticky. Instead of pulling it apart, I opted to swap out the rapid fire for a SRAM X5 dual thumb trigger shifter. I have a SRAM GX shifter on my new Framed Alaskan and got used to it quickly. I like that these shifters free up your pointer finger for braking.  Now my old horse will have a similar setup.

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      @maxwellD just riding the dirt. Its been low 60s to 70s the last 2 weeks here in the front range, so trails pretty much dry. Btw, the plus tires just work perfectly, awesome traction and allows me to bomb down some rocky descent almost like a fattie 🙂

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      I ordered a dropper today! And got a NW chainring, hoping to go 1x….

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      New Thomson Elite setback post just came in the mail! Slapped it on before going to work and going out to ride first thing tomorrow!

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      Completely cleaned yesterday using some SC1 for the first time. Almost hate to ride my bike looks so good. Today i go to Carvins Cove do some climbing

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      I posted here last night. Weird. Are some posts dropping off or being removed?

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      Ummm I’ve had troubles with that as well @ken I will type something hit submit and it doesn’t fully process it, so I do it again and it works….    🙁   what were you trying to say last night??

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      most times when a post is made here it just works, but sometimes down at the bottom of the page (often off the screen) it says are you sure, and you have to click that or it doesn’t actually post. Don’t know why.

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      Report: nice ride today 1,631 feet climb according to strava….hard crash on last sweet downhill trail called “The Gauntlet”. I got kind of careless, was going to fast over some ass kicking rocks could not get slowed down. I began to get a little off balance on the bike. Trying to catch my balance, brake and stay on the trail my shoulder busted a tree. Tree did not move, I went over …handle bars got the ribs and the ground got my hip/butt. Got up made sure nothing was broke or bleeding checked bike, bike survived. I’m a bit sore but licking my wounds with a cold beverage!

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      have a 28t oval installed on my fatbike, did my 1st long loop of 30 miles today on a paved trail. Feels like forever, overtook a couple of roadies on a short steep climb, mhen that feels good 🙂

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      Just had my bike serviced and ready to hit the trails.   I also had my new SLX brakes installed.

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      Hope to hit the trails this next week, has been a while especially that I have been sick w/ the flu, SO HORRIBLE. So I hope to get out in some local parks. Sorry to hear about your crash @allgrainer, but I guess crashing is what builds up the confidence, and is what is going to make you a better rider!

      Around our area we have been having so much rain, it makes the trails unridable, so we have to wait until the rain clears until we can do some proper riding, its really to bad, just trying to workouts to keep in shape 🙂 LOL


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      just converted to 1×11!  aeffect cranks and narrow wide ring, saint BB, NX trigger and clutch derailuer and XT 11-42 and chain.  dropped nearly 2 lbs off my hardtail Giant!  yew!

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      All my bikes are filthy dirty right now and in need of love.  Can’t really do a good cleaning till I drag out and reconnect the hose outside due to winter.  New upgrade to my XC hard tail was some new Sun Ringle black flag pro sl wheels.  Really light, roll fast and got them as new take offs for almost half price! I have another pair on my wife’s hard tail and a pair of charger pro sl’s on my full suspension, really like their products.

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      @mlombar17 sweet stuff! can’t wait ’til I become 1X!!  😀

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      Riding 1×10 or 11 makes a world of difference when doing xc, trail riding. It makes everything simpler, and switching gears is quick and easy. @triton189, I will have to check out that brand of tire, never heard of them? Looking maybe to get some in the not so distant future. Great to see all these posts! There is a great amount to learn from all them as well!

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      @Maxwell actually @triton189 was talking about a wheelset, Sunringles….. do you find them do be good quality with an affordable price??

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      I started my swap yesterday, got a XT NW to go 1x with. Thing is that my cranks th Deore Hollowtech II require a special tool to take them off. So I have to take the bike to the shop to get them to take the cranks off for me, I’ll get them to put on the Chainring as well… then I’ll put on the chain when I get home. Was quite the headache actually taking the FD off….!   🙁

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      The XT chainring was the wrong size for my cranks, 96 XT and my cranks are 104 (bcd) so ended up buying one from the shop… Also installed the dropper, the instructions we HORRIBLE but it was fairly straight forward..

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      I mentioned before I upgraded to 1×9 with a 12-36 cassette some time back, but Just added a 40t cassette to my bike, bought a wolftooth goat link to move my derailleur but found I needed the wolftooth road link instead. If any one needs a goat link let me know.


      So if anyone needs a goat link let me know.

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      Added a dropper post to the Salsa Mutluk Fatty. Love the dropper post. Makes the downhills so much better and up with the climbs.

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