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      Hey guys I’m new to mountainbiking. I have $500 to either buy a new bike or upgrade my Mongoose. Here’s some info on my Mongoose, it says "EFX aluminum" on it, it has full suspension, Shimino or sram deraileurs, twist shifters and thats about all. I did get it from Walmart. Should I upgrade my current bike with disk brakes or look for a new bike? I do like my Mongoose. Does anyone make disk conversions? Is it a Mongoose XR100?

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      This is kind of a tough call not knowing much about your bike’s components or how old the bike is. I’m going to guess (since it was a Wally world purchase) that it is pretty heavy and the suspension is not very good. That being said I would lean towards new and upgrade that bike as you are able.

      Now is a good time as the ’09s are coming in and stores are trying to dump any remaining ’08 stock they may have. Visit you LBS and see what kind of deal you can find. BTW – with that much cash you’re probably limiting yourself to a beginner hardtail rather than full suspension.

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