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      Hey guys and gals, need the community’s opinion on something…

      I have a 2015 Cannondale Trail 4 29er, with the stock 3×9 drivetrain (Shimano Alivio front and rear derailleurs), that has been giving me quite a lot of trouble. I just adjusted it about a week ago to shift decently. I know I do ride very often and for long distances, but the chain keeps hopping gears while I am on a steep climb, despite the fact that I did not even touch the shift levers.

      I am wondering whether I should convert it to a 1×11 drivetrain, bring it into my local shop to see if they can fix the problem, or whether I should just get a new/used bike. I would like to get into XC or Enduro racing, and would be fine with doing it on my Trail 4, but only if I were to upgrade it a little. I have no problem with getting another bike as I have saved up a lot of money but I realize I will have to upgrade quite a few things to make it race ready (like the crappy SA Suntor fork).

      Thanks for you opinions

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      I would upgrade honestly. I had a 2016 Cannondale Trail 7 and 29r and I was in the same spot. Upgrade or buy new. The amount of changes with frames and gear from 4 years ago, it wouldn’t make sense to upgrade. You would spend 500ish to get a better fork, drive train, wheels, brakes. I would just get a new bike. Just my thoughts though, do what you would like, you’re spending your money not mine. lol

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      I ride a lot.  After five years, one of my bikes is pretty worn out.  It would probably need a new or rebuilt shock and fork, new wheels and a new drivetrain.  Replacing all those parts would likely cost more than $2000.  $2000 could be a big part of buying a new bike.  In addition, bike technology changes considerably in five years.  So what’s happened in the last five years?  Boosted hubs, wider tires and rims, progessive geometry, longer travel, 1×12 drivetrains.  I buy a new bike about every 4-5 years and every new bike has been much better than the bike that came before it.   I buy a bike and ride the heck out of it for 4-5 years, doing only neccessary repairs and maintenance, save my money, sell the old bike, and buy my next much better new bike.  Doing major upgrades on an old bike is a waste of money.  The upgrades cost more than the bike is worth.  You don’t put a new $500 fork, $500 drivetrain, or $500 wheelset on a bike that you might be able to sell for $200.   Would you spend $5000+ to put a new engine in a 15 year old car with 200,000 miles on it or would you buy a another car?

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      Agree with the prior ops.  It makes no sense upgrading parts any more unless you just really love your current frame or you wear out/break something.  “Standards” change so quickly now and even base models are superior to high-end bikes from 2-3 years prior.  The only pro I see to upgrading is the experience of wrenching on your own bike and getting the parts that you really want.  I upgraded my now 5 year old bike and had a blast doing it, but the cost of the parts caught up to the price of the bike rather quickly.  Looking back, I should have saved up a bit more and purchased a model with higher end parts.  That way I wouldn’t have gone off the edge with “upgrade-itis”  In the end, you will save more money and feel more satisfied.  My new bike has all the latest bells and whistles and no need to replace most of the parts (except the seat..it is VERY uncomfortable).  My $.02

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