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      Hey guys I’m pretty new to this whole thing,  I picked up a 2015 specialized pitch a couple weeks ago and have been riding it nonstop .

      I was contemplating upgrading the fork and adding a dropper post. But the guy at the bike shop said since it has a straight steerer fork and they are harder to come by I should upgrade, not sure if he was just trying to sell me something or not. But he convinced me to test ride a Specialized Fuse 27.5+ I believe.

      I really enjoyed the bike but I noticed it has a suntour forks. I was wondering what is the best plus bike for under $1000. Or should I just upgrade the pitch? And please don’t say to look it up. I’ve looked a lot up lol.

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      I’m surprised the 2015 Pitch has a straight steerer tube. I thought they stopped making those a long time ago! For that reason alone, I stay move on from the Pitch.

      There are a number of choices for plus bikes under $1000. They are all going to offer pretty similar features so if you can get the Fuse 27.5+ for under a grand at your local shop, I say go for it. If you want to keep shopping around, take a look at the Marin Pine Mountain or the Cannondale Cujo.

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      Manitou Markhor is an air sprung fork specifically designed for people who want to upgrade bikes with straight steerers ($225). Are you able to change out the bottom cup of your headset to allow for a tapered steerer?

      No doubt there are better bikes available for under $1,000 but I wouldn’t assume yours is unrideable garbage.

      I have tried the $1,500 version of the Specialized Fuze (~9 miles of single track) and wanted to love it but thought the plus wheels were a bit too bouncy. But perhaps they had more air than ideal to avoid flats at the demo.

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        I was actually looking at the markohr and a dropper post, possibly some tubless tires.. would this be better than a stock $1000 bike?

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