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      how do you change pictures of outdated gear reviews

      for example:

      The Bontrager XR4 Tires from 2011 (shown in the picture) were completely re-done for 2012. replacing the picture from 2011 to 2012 would be nice

      I don’t see the need to make a new review that would be confusing…



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      trek7k might correct me if I’m wrong, but there are two things I’d suggest:

      1) You can add additional photos to any piece of gear. I’d start there.
      2) You can use the correct/update form and let us know that it needs to be changed. It’d probably help if you would include a link to what the photo should be changed to.

      Thanks so much for the help!

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      Yep, Greg’s right. You can upload your own pics of the gear to the "Photos" tab on any gear page. To change the official product shot, you’ll need to email us, preferably using the "Correct this gear" link.

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      k sounds good! one thing i did try last night was to upload new pictures but it says it was to large of a photo… this photo was super small tho?? is there a size limit?


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      Hi there Neil,

      Can you link the photo you’re trying to use?

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      Yeah, that’s weird. Email me the pic and I’ll see what’s up ([email protected]).

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      There was an error, probably because your photo is too large or you forgot to attach a file. Try reducing your photo file size to less than 8Mb. <——this is what I’m getting!

      http://revolutionscyclery.com/merchant/ … te/xr4.jpg <——- this is what picture i want


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      Missing image when I try that link.

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      That image is just short of 2mb, which can easily cause issues with this site’s PHP sessions. Try using this image:



      It’s 1/3 the size, so should keep you from having any timeout issues.

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      I think the issue may have been the file names – they need to have a proper image extension (.jpeg, .jpg, etc.).

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      While his second link is a php redirect, his first link is a direct url to the .jpg. Depending on the speed and quality of his upload throughput, sending 2mb to the server could easily result in a dropped upload session.

      Hopefully, the smaller image (with the extension) should resolve his issue.

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      Nate actually emailed me the files and they didn’t have extensions so I’m thinking that’s the issue. The server can handle photos at least 8Mb in size – we haven’t tested any larger than that. 😀

      Note, the error message says EITHER the file is too large OR there wasn’t a file attached. Without an extension, I’m thinking the latter is applicable.

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      yes it work the jpg version!

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