Updating components on an older bike

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      Hello, I have a 1998 Specialized Stumpjumper M2 Comp with all original equipment and was wondering if I can upgrade to the disc brakes and other components? I am debating on purchasing a new bike vs. just making some updates to the existing bike. I love my bike but didn’t know if it’s worth it to upgrade or buy new.


      Floyd Kish

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      That bike is over 10 years old. I would recommend to get a new bike..By the time you spend on brakes, wheels and I am not sure if your bike has brake bosses on the fork and frame. You may need a fork and frameset.. In otherwords that bike leave it as is and use it to just boot around and get yourself a new bike that you would be a whole lot happier with. You will be happier because you don’t have to worry about compatability issues that may arise.

      Cheers and welcome to singletracks.

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      Hi Floyd again

      Just checked out the specs…You will need a new fork and frameset..

      The M2 has no brake bosses in the back for the mounting of the rear disks..

      So save yourself a tonne of cash and purchase a new bike…Even if you find a 2008 or 2009 your golden.. The new 2010 models are arriving and shops are discounting to make room.

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      Thanks for the advice…it’s been a good bike but a new one will probably give me more pleasure. Thanks.

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      No problem I would just hate to see you spend more than the sum of a new bike and still have issues with worn cranks chains and such

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