Tyre inserts – protect against flats and dinging the wheel

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      Any one use these?

      What is you experience?

      Looking for a 4” fatbike tyre. Vittoria do one called the Air-liner? Can’t find it in the UK. Tried contacting Vittoria no answer.

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      Just got a set of Air-Liners in for review. They’re size medium (2.25-2.5″ tires) so not exactly the ones you would be looking at, but will post a review once I’ve had a chance to try them out.

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      Thx Jeff look forward to your report
      Especially interested in how easy or hard it is to mount the tyre and get a tyre lever in there to get it off as the air liner would appear to press the tyre bead against the rim wall so removing any slack gap from sitting in the middle of the rim U to get the rest of the bead over.

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      I have the same questions about mounting. I hate mounting / changing tires as it is, hoping the insert doesn’t make the process too much more painful.

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