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    Before my trail ride today I checked my tyres (27.5×3″ Schwalbe Rocket Rons) and there was a huge (well 5mm dia x 5mm deep; as tall as the tread)  plug of dried Stans sealant.  Firstly really impressed by Stans. I had never noticed the puncture.  Tyre pressure pretty much unchanged.  Wow!  However left me wondering should I do anything about it.  Tyres still loads of tread.  Should I take it off, remove the plug and patch it from the inside or just leave it?

    When is it necessary to try and fix these these things definitively?  Do these plugs of sealant fail?




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    If your tire isn’t losing pressure, then just keep riding it. I would suggest getting a tubeless plug kit like this one to carry with you just in case the sealant fails. My last rear tire (light casing wtb vigilante) had two of these plugs in it for at least a dozen rides before there was an unrelated, catastrophic, blowout. I’m a cheapskate and try and get as much mileage out of my tires as possible. The genuine innovations tire plugs seal really well and I never had an issue with them. You could even put some gorilla tape over the plug on the inside of the tire to make it even stronger, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

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