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      I have set of tubeless tires I am having a hard time to get to set a bead. I have set of WTB i23 frequency rims they are riding on. They are a set Bontrager XR3 Team Issues. In the past I have ran Small Block 8’s by Kenda and Continental Trail Kings. Those tires had a good stiff bead, and the tire fit snug enough on the rims that I was able to inflate them with a bike pump.

      I had a bike shop install these tires this time last year when I had the bike in for a tune-up. They said they were a bit tricky to get inflated. So as I do with all my tires, I rotate them at the end of the year or as they wear. These tires do not fit near as snug as the others I have owned. I have inflated them with a tube to set a bead, but when I break one side loose to remove the tube I can’t get that side to take.

      What is the magic in making this happen?


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      A compressor would likely help, but only inflate them until the bead seats. It’s easy to blow a tire off the rim with a compressor.

      Other tricks include using soapy water or even Windex. Use some dish soap and water, rub it on the bead and pump away. Or take a bottle of windex and spray the bead.

      Do you know if your tubeless valves have removable cores? If so, taking those out before you try to pump it up might help too.

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        They do have removable cores. I have tried that to no avail with the bike pump. I will try using soap on the bead. I have access to a small tool compressor, I will grab it as well. I can adjust the pressure in the tank with it. I will drop it little as to not hit with 100+ psi.

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      Compressor worked… thx

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        Nice, glad to hear it!

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      When mounting tubeless a little understanding goes a long way

      Some combos require more that 1 layer of tape. For example… wtb i19 with wtb trailboss 2.25 this combination although both say are tubeless ready required 2 layers of tape on the front and 3 on the back.

      Also keep in mind that riding and or truing a wheelset may actual cause the circumfrence of the rim to schrink from its original stated size. This rear wheel had to have the core removed from the valve and soap had to be used to get it seat using a hand pump.

      All tubeless combos once setup correctly should be inflatable with a hand pump. The owner was 225 and loved hucking so you can imagine he had them trued and tensioned before he rode them. After a few months he swapped over to tubeless and neither tire would inflate by hand. Bottom line is this is a lesson to every tubeless rider. The more times you have to true and tension the more the likelyhood the rim is smaller that it was when shipped new. Once you find the correct rim tape layer the inflation issue goes away.

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hope this helps.</p>

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