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      Looking for a bit of advice: I’ll soon be returning home after having been away for two months and my bike has been sitting unused during this time. Right before I left I replaced my worn tires with a new set of Minion DHF/DHR II set up tubeless with Stans. Normally after two months of use I’d check the sealant but since the bike has been sitting unused should I be worried about replacing/adding to it? I’m headed right into a road trip and would like to avoid any unnecessary maintenance if possible. Appreciate any advice!

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      I wouldn’t worry about it, but that’s just me. I’m pretty terrible about checking/replenishing my sealant. As a result, I always carry a spare tube with me. 🙂

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        From my experience you should be ok but that’s if you have thick UST wall tyres. Some tyres “tubeless ready” have thinner walls (so lighter) so are more perminable so dry out quicker.

        For longer periods of time the latex forms a pool of dense formation reducing affectiveness elsewhere in the tyre.

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