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      Hello all,
      i am about to make a tubeless conversion on wtb i23 rims and wtb trail boss tcs tires and i am wondering how much air pressure to run front and back? ive never been tubeless or on a tubeless bike but ive heard its great so im going for it myself. is there like a one pressure that is the best or does it depend? if so what on?
      thank you all your input is much appreciated

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      It depends mostly on:

      1) Your weight
      2) Your environment
      3) Your desired ride (feel)

      There’s a bunch of theory behind all of this but the way I go about it is so:

      Start about 5 lbs under your tubed pressure. If you have any pinch flats on obstacles or rim burps in hard turns, bring the pressure up. If nothing of that sort but you’re looking for more grip or softer ride, go down 2 lbs at a time until you’re happy. Keep in mind that the lower pressure you run, the more rolling resistance (larger contact patch). Some people aren’t so hot on super low pressures for that reason.

      I weight 180 and ride at 25.

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      Good points Schim. I’m 200lbs and ride my WTB Bronsons at 27psi. You will have to play with your tires and find what works best for you. One thing to consider, you can run less air in your front tire than in your rear (which is holding most of your weight), which will give you more steering control.

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      Yup, I’m a lean 204 and I run about 25-27psi on my Maxxis Ardent 2.4’s. Having a reinforced sidewall helps as well. You’ll get the feel for it after a bit. Enjoy.

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