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      I am trying to decide if my money  is better spent on a complete 29er wheelset ready to swap or  new rims to lace to my existing hubs.  I have a Felt DD70, the stock rims have no lip to setup tubeless and I have no confidence it would work ghetto.  I have seen no reports of success using the stock rim profile on this bike.  A 29er set could be had as cheap as 250/pair if you were willing to go bikesdirect, but I could have rims for 100 each and not need to swap wheels.  What options am I missing?  Guys who have done this before which way did you go and would you do it again?



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      If you’re planning to rebuild the wheels yourself, then maybe swapping rims would make sense, especially if you have nice hubs that are worth saving. But if I understand your choices correctly ($250 for a complete wheelset, or $200 for new rims) I say go for the completes. Labor alone for rebuilding a set of wheels is going to be $75 or $100, and a bit more if you need to replace any spokes. The completes will also save you time–no need to stop riding!

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      Im looking to get 29er wheels for my Reid Hercules fatbike that I got for commuting in the snow. The solid feel of the 26×4.0 set-up is, well, solid, great for mansize potholes occasionally found in minneapolis. Now for spring, summer and fall I wanted tpo pug on 29″ wheels, but was toold 29er wheels are too wide, the wheel + tire won’t clear the frame. My calculation is the 26 x 4.0 has a total wheel height of 34″. While the 29er with a 3″ wide tire would be 35″. This assumes a circular cross section for the tire. When I look at the frame there looks like more than 1″ clearance now with the 26 x 4.0 set-up. Can anyone give some guidance on whether this is a bad idea? The hub widths are 150mm ft and 190mm rr. Bike has 1×9 drive train, 11×34 cassette, 28t  chainring.


      Many thanks

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      Your numbers are a little bit off.  A 26×4.0 tire is 30 inches tall.  A 29×3.0 tire is 30.5 inches tall.  Fatbikes tend to have a lot of extra tire clearance so a 29×3.0 tire will likely fit.   However, you could use a 2.8 or 2.6 tire also.  A 29×2.8 tire is 30.1 inches tall and a 29×2.6 tire is 29.7 inches tall.

      Converting a Fatbike to 29+ was a pretty common thing to do before 29+ bikes became more common.  However, it’s not cheap.  You’re not going to be able to buy a 29er wheels with Fatbike hubs right off the shelf.  You would need to have a custom wheelset built up and that’s likely to cost $1000 or more by the time you buy the wheelset, tires, and rotors.

      I think it would be smarter to buy light-weight fast-rolling 26×3.5-4.0 Fat tires.  Kenda makes the 26×4.0 Juggernaut Pro tire that weighs only 835gm.  That tire is probably too fragile for serious Trail riding but is one example of what you can find.  The 26×4.0 45NRTH Husker Du tire is another example.  Check out

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