Tubeless MTB tires: Should the bead "pop"?

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      I took my 27.5 WTB wolverines and attempted tubeless on them today.  Used some stuff from a LBS and put Gorilla Tape (TM) over the rim.  I hit it with an air compressor (50 psi max), valve stem removed, and it never “popped” like you see in the videos.   This is on a WTB rim also.  It took quite a while,  bouncing, shaking, testing with soapy water, etc.

      Do you think that is going to hold up?  It’s holding air, I’ll know how much in the morning, etc.  But if I “burp” a tire, I think it’s just going to deflate super fast…..

      Your thoughts?


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      did you put any sealant fluid in the tyre? – if not then it will deflate very quickly …. you will probably need more than 50psi to seal it though

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      As mentioned already use sealant as probably the tyres are not UST (Mavic
      Patent) / tubeless ready. I use Stan’s NoTubes
      on tubeless ready tyres as a matter of course. I have found on some tubeless ready tyres the walls are thinner so when setting up the tyre swale the sealeant so gets on the tyre walls. You may see sealeant leak through. Concentrate efforts there.

      On problemmatic “tubeless ready” tyres i.e a royal pain in the arse to seal like some fatbike tyres I have also used bathroom silicon sealant along with washing up liquid.

      In my experience some you get done in 5 minutes other times it can be a chore and perseverance.

      I have always used UST or tubeless ready rims.

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      Does the tire look like it sealed? I’ve done a bunch of tubeless now (not fat tires) and you usually get the pop of the tire sealing to the rim. If it looks sealed, I’d ride it around the block for a bit see what it does. This should tell you pretty quick if it’s going to hold air.

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      Are the Wolverines you’re using a tubeless-ready version? Are the rims made for tubeless?

      One of the things that makes tubeless-ready tires and rims special is the bead hook on the rim, and the tire bead itself. So it’s possible you’re not getting the popping sound because the bead and rim aren’t compatible or the tolerances aren’t tight enough.

      After getting the tires aired up, how high did you pump up the pressure? It sounds like you might’ve gotten the tire up to 50psi, but with no valve stem, that pressure was probably released quickly. Now that the tire is holding air on its own, try pumping up to 40 or 50psi and see if the bead pops into place.

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      I used two little bottles of the sealant I got a bike shop when I was on a riding trip.

      It looks like it is holding air this morning.   I’ll have to wait a while to test it, it’s 17F outside.

      Since the rims have no brand on them, and there is sealant coming out of the weld of the rim I would assume this isn’t going to work.  I’ll stay close and as always, have a spare tube.

      On second look, nothing says tubeless on the rim or the tire.  I don’t remember where I saw “tubeless ready”.  I just got tired of buying expensive tubes just to have cacti wreck ’em every 50 miles.  So this post should be renamed “Ghetto Tubeless”.

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      Well if it’s holding air, that’s a good sign!

      All is not lost just b/c sealant is leaking out of the rim weld. That just means you need to do a better tape job. 🙂

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      I did get it to 50, then put in the valve stem.  Then I pumped it back to 50 psi with track pump and bounced it around, lay on box, like the video show.  It’s probably not a UST/tubeless rim.  I misread that somewhere in the Chinese documentation.

      I have an obstacle course around the perimeter of the property that I can test out on.  Just rock gardens and logs.  It’s set it to my favored pressure ~25 psi and give ‘er a few runs later.

      Thanks for the responses!

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      Some sealant leaking out isn’t a bad thing, unless it’s a ton of it. The sealant it finding the holes and sealing them. A lot of times I’ll leave the wheel for an hour, come back and it’s deflated. The second or third time of inflating it, the sealant does it’s job and seals all the holes.

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