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      I have tried multiple times to save my signature and it never works.
      What am I doing wrong?

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      Is the "always attach signature" button marked?

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      Yes. I set that, type in my signature and save it. Then it reverts back to a blank signature and the radio button is back over to no.

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      Still not saving it. Oh well don’t worry about it, the main thing is being able to post.

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      Yo Larry, can you post the signature you’re trying to add to the forum so I can take a look? Sometimes if you have weird punctuation or apostrophes there may be a problem saving…

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      Larry Scott
      "If the women don’t find you handsome,
      They should at least find you handy."
      -Red Green

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      Awesome sig, haha..

      Well I’d like to add that I’ve had this problem in the past, but it would save showing in the box, but not on my post. Never really cared enough to try again though.

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      I love to watch old episodes of Red Green.

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      OK, I think I have it fixed now – just tried adding your sig to my profile and it works. Let me know if you still have trouble…

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      Looks good Thanx trek7k.

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