Trying to get my YouTube series off the ground.


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      If you would check it out, I would greatly appreciate it.




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      Hi there LThomas,

      I wish you the best on your channel but wanted to share why the channel isn’t my cup of tea. Of the three videos you’ve posted so far, it seems geared towards reviewing product, which only interests me when I happen to want to buy what you’re reviewing. In my case, that’s like never. I buy used, cheap and rarely and review channels aren’t of any use to me. I watch mountain bike videos because I love riding mountain bikes and enjoy seeing stuff from people that are sharing the same sentiment, not telling me the awesome features of a video camera. I’ll pull up review sites for that.

      Some example of mountain bike channels I subscribe to are:

      Skills with Phil:

      Seth’s Mountain Bike Hacks:

      Skills with Phil have some awfully handy tutorials for every level of riding and Seth is usually just doing something fun that he’s sharing with the viewers.

      No offense intended and I do hope your channel takes off like wildfire but thought you may like to hear from the people watching mountain bike videos for reasons other than trying to find another thing to buy.

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