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      Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Nick and I’m just starting out in MTB. I recently just received my first bike from a friend. It’s a schwinn S-30 full suspension bike. Now before you start thinking it’s from Walmart or some other store of that nature you might be right. But the bike does not have many of the stock parts I am assuming. It’s got disk breaks, quick release for the wheels and seat, locking hand grips, and many other features of what should be a decent MTB. I have pictures of the bike I’m willing to show you guys maybe via email or some other messaging service. I’m really trying to figure out what mods have been done to this bike and to put a price point on it. It rides pretty nice and I would love to keep it as my first bike. I’m not looking to go down any crazy hills or anything just yet. As I am looking to get better at riding before any kind of real trails. If you could get back to me on wanting to see the bike I would love to share. just to see what everyone thinks of the bike thanks for your time.

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      Schwinn is funny because historically they have made both department store bikes and “real bike shop” bikes. Schwinn made a line of paramount road bikes which were excellent, and the “home grown” mountain bikes from the late 90’s were great.

      Initially searching your bike model brings up a lot of older “real” XC bikes, and newer department store bikes.

      Don’t assume that what you have is junk. If you’re inexperienced with bikes take it to a shop for a tune up. Even a department store bike can be made to brake and shift a little better by a good mechanic, and they can find and fix safety problems. Be ready to pay around $60, and that you may be disappointed by what they find.  However, if the shop gives you attitude take your business somewhere else.


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      To share photos on the forums:

      1. Upload photos using this form. Copy the URL of the image file (it will be something like…)

      2. Click the “insert image” button in the toolbar when composing your reply (last icon on the right). Paste the URL of the image you uploaded in the “source” field.

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      Ok here is my gallery of my schwinn. Sorry for not doing this first. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures. Big thanks to both Sean Gordon and Jeff Barber for the advice and help with the fourm.

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      It’s got flaming skulls!!!

      Replace the chain, tune it up and ride the hell out of it. Who cares what it’s worth to someone else? Have a blast.

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      Just looked at the pics! While it isn’t exactly “cutting edge”, it looks like you have a decently spec’d bike that should be a great starter. Get tuned-up and enjoy!

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      Also, please don’t take my “not exactly cutting-edge” comment as an insult. Your bike is considerably newer than what I was riding until a couple years ago… (1998 Jamis Dragon, didn’t even have disk brakes!)

      You’re pretty well set-up for a good platform to get into riding.

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      Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback hearing that the bike is a good starter is really what I was looking for.

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      I have a Schwinn S-30 Carbon from the same time period that I have been riding off and on for 17 years, including a recent components upgrade project.  Not exactly the same frame, mine has a carbon Y frame with the same aluminum swing arm, but very similar.  While its capabilities are not equal to modern bikes, it has been bullet proof and a lot of fun.  I hope you enjoy it.

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