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      I have been looking for truck bed mounting options for my family’s bikes. I cam across RockyMounts LowBall Track mount, which works with my track system in my Tacoma. The one I am looking at, is the locking version. It basically locks the cam which holds the forks in place. Does anyone have experience with these mounts? What other options are there? They are not a particularly cheap option, but I am not really looking for “cheap”, I am looking for a good value.

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      I’d just get a moving blanket from harbor freight for five dollars and drape it over the tailgate. Put the front wheel and fork of the bike over the tailgate with the rest of the bike in the bed, maybe thread a tie down strap through the rear wheels or rear triangles for some extra security. You could even lock them with a long chain lock. If you want to get fancy you could probably devise a way to strap the blanket to the tailgate to make sure it won’t blow away while you’re driving. If you’re not a cheapskate like me you could also get a dedicated tailgate pad. I’ve heard good things about the one that raceface makes.

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      I have the a few of the locking LoBall track mount and use them in my 2005 Tacoma, they work great, however I dont have the Driveshaft track which is needed for newer thru axle bikes.  I like to Loball as it locks are secure, even had a bed full of bikes mounted with them and we did about 8 miles on a 4×4 trail to get to a camp spot and they all held up great, no movement or issues even while off road and moving fast over washboard trails and rocky sections. They are expensive but i like them, eventually I will probably buy the locking Driveshaft track if i feel I need to transport to a long camp trip again.

      I also have a Race Face tailgate cover which I now use more for close to home transport, but not a long camp trip up to the mountain with the bikes. I used to use a blanket but the bikes would always fall over on turns and touch each other causing scratches on our expensive bikes.  The Race Face tailgate cover is 1000% better than a blanket as the bikes never move at all even at 75 mph and around sharp curves, and it has grooves for forks to sit in, velcro to hold downtube and notch in top of cover.  The blanket can work and is cheap but its not the best.  Any other questions about any of it id be happy to respond.

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      While it’s not as cheap as the moving blanket over the tailgate option, I have a forkmount rack made from a 2×6 that I’ve mounted axle mounts to.  I screwed some pieces of 2×2 to the bottom to push the 2×6 away from the front of the truckbed. I secure it in the bed with some 1” eyelets screwed into the 2×6 and use turnbuckles to attach them to the bed’s tie-down points. Total cost is about $50.

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      Though I recommend a tailgate pad, if you want to go cheap and effective, use a rug with rubber backing thrown over the tailgate and tie downs. I have done this for years now and do not have any problems with the bikes falling over on curves or at any speed.  The rubber backing solves the problem of blankets moving.  I have travelled across the country multiple times with my bikes using this method.

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      Haha, Head Over Handlebars. Dig your name, hope tera firma is kind to you!

      I appreciate the replies. It helps to hear experiences, and ideas of those that roll their own. Great things come from collaboration. I just added two more steeds to the stable today, so I will be putting something together in short order.

      I think I’m gonna dig it around here. Cheers all, and happy trails.

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