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      I’m new to mountain biking, did it in high school some, but about two years ago started triathlons and now want to sell my road bike and get an entry level mountain bike (some bike racing, some Xterra Triathlons). I’m definitely going with Trek and looking at the Trek XCaliber 6, but…

      a) is it worth it from the 5?
      b) is it worth looking into the 7?
      c) should I just eff it all and trick out a Project One? (you know I already have)

      As well, hi, I’m new to the forums.

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      I wouldn’t touch the 5. Crappy fork and mechanical disk brakes. The difference in the 6 & 7 is a 9 speed as opposed to an 8 speed, and has a marginally better, more adjustable, fork. Both forks are SR Suntour which I’m not crazy about, but pretty standard at that price range. I don’t feel the Rockshox competitor is really any better… Sooo, is the extra $130 worth it? I would have to see how the fork feels on both, that would be my determining factor.

      I’m guessing the Project One is your road bike? Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for a new mtb….

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      "gar29" wrote

      I’m guessing the Project One is your road bike? Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for a new mtb….

      I was joking around about blowing 11 grand on a Project One Mountain Bike (a pipe dream). Saying I already have is referencing I played on their site for about two hours today changing all the parts and colors, haha. (Don’t want to mislead). My road bike is an older Jamis.

      Sounds like 6 is it and then I can upgrade the fork at a later date if desired. Thanks for the input!

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      I’ve done the same thing! I always cringe when the final price tag comes up… Good luck on bike shopping, it’s always a fun thing to do. Just remember, before you settle on any bike, make sure you ride a couple that are comparable and pick the one that feels the best to you. Nothing worse than making that investment then realizing you really don’t care for it! (don’t ask me how I know that… 😳 )

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      Thoughts on Diamondback Overdrive Comp? … drive-comp

      vs … aliber_6/#

      I’m still trying to figure out all the components and what’s better than what, appreciate any help.

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      The forks are about the same, components on the Diamondback are a bit better and have a 10 speed drive-train as opposed to a 9 speed on the Trek. I would ride both and see how they feel, I’m not sure about the overall weight and geometry of the two frames,

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