trek top fuel 8 wsd or 6700 wsd or 8000 wsd please help

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      i need help choosing my first good moutain bike but what shal i have hardtail or full? i have the money to get the top fuel 8 and i think its the nicest one ive seen but my freind said hardtails are better i want something that i can do anything with and feels good to ride i had a go on my partners trk hard tail and it dosnt feel as comfortable as my old full suspention i dont no what to do pleese help

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      Where do you ride? What type of terrain do you ride? In order to answer your question with much accuracy you need to answer these.

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      anywhere i want to realy there is no specific place i like to go! 😀

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      The fuel is a much better bike than the hardtails you listed. The frame might weight a pound and a half more than the hardtails, but the comfort you’ll get from the suspension and the confidence you’ll have going through technical terrain is much greater benefit than all the best pro’s you’d get from a hardtail. A lot of people are getting away from hardtails when they can afford too. Mostly because of the advances in the frame technology that is being put into the new full suspension frames. Trek this year is at the forefront of bike manufacturers in terms of the quality and technology they put into their bikes. Also their customer service is one of the best in the market. I hope this will help you in your decision.


Viewing 3 reply threads

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