Trek STORE sold my Lawaway 2 days later

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      Good Morning,
      First, I hope I am not breaking any rules, If I am , please delete my thread and Sorry in advance. i am just venting my frustration and also warning other on not to fall for their unprofessionalism.

      2 Weeks ago I went to a Trek Bicycle Store to Buy a Top Fuel 9.8, They had only 1 left, and it was Large, My size. I used my Trek Credit Card and put a down payment to hold it for a few weeks. I ask several time to the TREK Salesperson if it was ok to do a Layaway on the bike and pick it up in a couple of weeks, he said yes, the store has a 90 DAYS Layaway policy. I put a down payment on Saturday, that next Tuesday, I email the Salesperson to ask about a XXX Bontrager Seatpost for the bike, he doesn’t answer, I proceed to call on Wednesday. He tells me that they are out of stock without ETA. On Thursday I receive an email from the same Salesperson saying that he Sold the bike to another customer but he might have allocations for 2 cheaper ones in the next few months but the one I had on Layaway had a lead time of over 400 days.

      First of all , I think this is a very low move from a TREK Bicycle Store, specially when I was calling them for parts for that same bike and the fact that TREK has no bikes, all they have are Lead time for over a year.

      Story continues:

      On Saturday (1 Week after I put the Top Fuel on Layaway),I go back to see the manager and to check if I had other options, the lowest LEAD time was the TOP Fuel 9.9AXS (out of my budget) and a TOP FUEL 9.9 X01. I double the amount of money for the Down payment and order a TOP FUEL 9.9 X01. Between Tuesday and Wednesday I receive a call again saying the the lead time (July 2021) changed to December 2021. I said, OK, lets continue with the order. on Saturday I go again to the store to Triple the amount of money I putted down the first time and the manager tells me the the bike is Out of Stock and cant be ordered anymore. At this point I am thinking that the Manager is delaying the process and not ordering the bike on the spot. He might be delaying the order on purpose to not sell me a bike at a discount or he just might not care enough about the huge mess they did and he is just ordering stuff last minute.

      That same Saturday we decide to go with the TOP FUEL 9.9 AXS, yesterday I call the store to ask for the order number, but they didnt place the order. When they tried , they where already out of stock with out the option of ordering it .

      Have this happened to any of you ?

      What do you think is happening here?

      Is this the way TREK BICYCLE STORES work?, doesn’t it damage their image?


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      Wow, that sounds super frustrating. Selling a bike you had on layaway isn’t right, though I guess it’s possible that was a mistake and not intentional.

      Everything you describe after that, unfortunately, is pretty normal right now. We’re seeing that bike inventory is super tight everywhere, and whenever bikes become available they are being snapped up right away. Even getting on the list for a bike months from now is tough.

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      Assuming you got your money back, get a Canyon Neuron CF 8. Direct from Canyon. No bike-shop dicks to deal with. It’s probably all the bike you want, and they have some in stock right now. I’m too lazy to post a link, so spend a minute and look them up. Check the specs and pricing. You won’t be disappointed.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I find it amazing that so many people have bad shop experiences like this and at the same time so many others wonder why people aren’t using the LBS.  I like shopping local but the service needs to be really good and my hard earned need to be dollars earned.

      Message to shop owners, don’t hire people just because they like bikes. They need to be good customer service people.  Train them well and have good shop practices so disorganized messes like this don’t happen.  If you are in a hot market and need the inventory turn, don’t take layaway.  If you won’t be able to turn a repair around quickly,  let the customer know and explain why.

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      Slimy bike shop, indeed. Pathetic moves like that will sully the Trek name but hopefully Trek does something of consequence and conscience in the mean time.

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      Try The Pro’s Closet. Bought a Turner Flux from them and it came quickly. Great machine but pay attention to the build as the fork isn’t the best.


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      Contact Trek customer support and let them know about your experience. Maybe they can offer a helping hand or at least get in contact with the store to see what the problem there is. I wonder if one of the employees friends wanted the bike so they just decided to sell it out from under you.

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