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      Just wondering……… will my new trek roscoe be similar enough to a dirt jumper? Currently I’m riding a smaller diamond back coil ex (Dept store 46lbs) to tide me over until my trek arrives this spring. I can’t really seem to do much with this DB but when I ride my friends Dirt Jumper my manual’s and bunny hops are great for an out of touch old guy lol never riding a decent mtb bike I’m hoping the similarities between the rosco and dirt jumper are close enough to speed up my skill process lol
      If you can’t till, I’m really exited lol

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      I cant speak for the dirt jumper but replied about the roscoe I have in your other post. What I can say about the roscoe is at 53 I just crush everything. Wheelies are by far my favorite to ride and manuals I’m still working on but I can ride a good one out every now and then. My roscoe ,because its a 19 and your brandy new are a little different. Yours is slightly slacker and seat tube angle is slightly different as well. Also yours will have a better fork and hubs where as i did the rear hub upgrade almost immediately  for tighter ratcheting cassette. Actually just bought my first full sus and still much faster on roscoe so lots to learn. As far as the roscoe, you’ll be very pleased and if you have skills to start with you will on another level instantly. As soon as you sit on it you’ll be grinning knowing you still have what it takes and a new bike just put you back in the game.

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        I have a 2020 Roscoe 7 and it’s quite a lemon IMHO. I have replaced the bottom bracket due to feeling notchy, regreased the stem bearings because they came loose, and last week my rear hub seized. The bike shop stated one of the cones cracked, came apart in the hub, and destroyed the bearing race so the hub now has to be replaced. Fortunately this is being done under warranty, but I’m concerned this will happen again. KillerClimb – May I ask what parts you used for your hub upgrade? And was it with the same spokes and rim? My investigation shows that aftermarket hubs are hard to adapt to Boost141 with the requirement of spacers? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


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      Rear hub is bontrager sealed bearing rapid drive hub 54 ? points of engagement. spokes were replaced but stock rim was used. Think it cost me total 275. Yes the spacers are different but available. Shame about the bike, mine has been a hoot to ride and still my most capable bike

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      142 will interchange with the bike, drama free. There are plenty of those out there to be had.

      For those that want a quicker engagement, nothing, and I mean nothing compares to Onyx with their sprag driven hub. Silent operation, instant engagement and it is a blessing on the trail.

      The thing to look at is number of engagement points of a given hub. The more, the merrier.

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