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      Hey all,

      Looking at picking up a bike for myself. My friend just bought a Giant Revel 1 and likes it but cant get the disc breaks to stop rubbing (tektro 1.0 mechanical). I was planning on getting the same bike but he’s taken it in a couple times and it keeps coming back. I dont like specialized or GT so I was looking at 3 bikes at a little higher end price range: 4300 disc, 4900 disc, and 6000 disc. I was thinking of the 4300 to save some dough but if I want a bike for the long-haul, I might talk myself into spending the extra to get the higher quality bike. My question is this… I’v checked the bikes out and really like how they road (at least around the parking lot) but I’ve heard a lot of bad things about Trek. It seems every person who doesn’t own a Trek thinks they are overpriced and poor quality…

      what do you all think? is Trek bad, or unfairly discriminated against?

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      Well I have a 09′ Trek 3700 and its a wonderful bike. I’ve probably ridin 300+ miles of singletrack and shes never busted, yes i do plan on upgrading to an fuel ex9 but for now she works great. when it comes to " liking" bikes its kinda like how some people like Ford and others like GM. Trek, Specialize, or GT are all good bike. i dont believe ether one is better than the other. I will say that GT makes some crazy good DH bike. For me ill probably always be a Trek guy but i know that the other top brand are just as good

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      "outlawracer" wrote

      Trek, Specialize, or GT are all good bike.

      And all made in Taiwan…by Giant 😃

      Seriously though, if you find a bike you really like and that fits you well, don’t let the brakes prevent you from getting it. Those can be easily upgraded to Avid BB7 (mechanical) or any number of hydraulic models.

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      Yeah, its the age old question…"Who is better than who?" I say who cares. Yes, I am a Trek guy, my 1st was a ’99 7000 Hardtail…Great bike, never let me down in 11 years…sold it in June for half of what I paid new…She still looked and rode great! Upgraded in July to a ’10 Fuel EX8…again, so far an awesome ride. I myself am just drawn to Trek like a moth to a light. All I can tell you is all the big name bike company’s out there offer excellent rides… in my opinion everyone is in the same ball park… so there really is no question to be answered here. Do your homework,test ride em all, kick some tires, you will know it when you find the right one…go with your gut! As far as your friend with the Giant, I don’t think the problem lies with the Bike or Brand, but with the so called Mechanic or Tech who set the bike up at the shop in the 1st place… Now there is the question that I think you need to ask…Who has the better wrenches in the service department? Good luck with your choice. 😄

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      I don’t own a trek, but I’ve ridden some and wish that I DID own one. Now that Gary Fisher is officially folded into the trek line, I think they’re about 2x as good. Love some of those fishers, esp the hifi!

      And like others have said, any of those big brands are going to be good bikes. What do you have against specialized and gt?

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      I own a 08 Trek 4300 and love it! Some of the components are not so good, but the frame is solid! I’m 280 lbs. and it can take what I give it. I have had to replace my wheels, and crankset, and other regular maintenance items, but Im fat and ride pretty hard.
      On the other hand, my friend rides and older Giant Rincon, and hasn’t done a thing to it, other than some oil on the chain and tubes and tires
      Love the Trek, just for the fact that the frame is bomb proof! And if you are able to wreck it, has a lifetime warranty on it.

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